The Incredible ‘Incredipede’ Launches Next Week, With Pre-Order Taster Heading Out Today

Incredipede SS02
Incredipede SS02

Next week will see the release of the new game from Colin Northway, creator of Northway games. He has been responsible for the creation of Fantastic Contraption prior, a game that allows you to create all manner of crazy machines to navigate the level and reach the goal in this inspired free to play puzzler.

Colin Northway continues on his design based puzzle games with Incredipede, a puzzle game that follows the lone Quozzle. The last remaining Incredipede on her quest to rescue her sisters. The element that really sets Incredipede apart from the standard puzzlers is the way you overcome the puzzles. As Quozzle has a very unique ability to grow extra extremities.

incredipede Screenshot08

Incredipede is going to very much encourage the player to come up with fantastic designs for their Quozzle in order to overcome the harsh challenges thrown at them. With 60 levels stretching over three beautifully crafted worlds. Each containing a great deal of variety with the inclusion of  lava, wall scaling and all manner of platforming capers, Incredipede looks to be a very fun and no doubt very difficult puzzle game.

If this is not enough Incredipede will also come with a map creator, to allow the whole community to get involved in creating new maps for everyone. This will spawn many very interesting and difficult scenarios for you to overcome.

What you may have noticed (it is hard not to) that Incredipede has a fantastically original art style. It focuses on the cut wood design and works fantastically, but who is responsible for such great designs? Well all the art was designed by the highly talented Thomas Shahan.


The artwork has been inspired by the botanist books of the past colonial era. A time where explorers would write down exploits of the alien creatures and plants they found on far exotic shores, to be brought back to the dull world these adventurers lived in. The whole idea with the art and Quozzle in general in Incredipede is to give the feel this creature could have existed as a far removed, almost mythical creature.

Incredipede now has an official release date of the 25th of October and I am greatly looking forward to see how the game will play out. Colin Northway did mention via Twitter that for all those who have pre-ordered the game he will be sending a little taster your way today, so keep one eye on your inbox. If it is anything like what Colin was hoping to get out prior to the launch I am sure it will indeed wet everyone’s appetite sufficiently.

Fear not my friends for there is still time left to pre-order this incredible game from the official site here, and remember that all pre-orders gain a bonus of being reduced by 20%. If you would like to find out more about the fantastic team behind Northway Games be sure to check the site here.

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