‘Incredipede’ Now Available For Preorder

XX incredipede SS01
XX incredipede SS01

Remember reading that article about that new game coming soon with amazing art stylings and a great gameplay mechanic? Well Incredipede is now available for pre-ordering and still looks great. Incredipede is a game created by Northway Games and is a puzzle game where you take control of Quozzle, a lone Incredipede on a quest to rescue her sisters.

XX incredipede SS02

If the idea of a quirky interesting take on puzzle games interests you then you will be glad to hear that although Incredipede is officially launched at the end of October you are currently able to preorder it from the official site. There is of course many incentives to try and get you to get in on this action early on, the preorder bonuses are as follows:

  • 20% discount on the game resulting in the price being $12
  • Bonus desktop wallpapers
  • Pre Release beta access

So not only are you getting this game for cheaper but you will also get access to the pre release. The pre release is scheduled to go live in early october and applies to everyone who preorders the game, which is a pretty great additional benefit in addition to the overall game allowing you a sneak peak into what is expect to follow with Incredipede.

The reason you should be excited about this game is because of the interesting and inspired gameplay that allows you to remodel the Quozzle to overcome the various challenges you encounter. Incredipede also comes with a full level editor allowing users to design countless new challenges along with testing maps with predesigned Incredipedes making for the content in this game being very substantial.

The cut wood art style is beautiful and makes this game look incredible. If all of this sounds and looks like something you would be happy to purchase then stop wasting time here and click the link to preorder now! If you do like what you see you can also help out Northway Games by voting for Incredipede over on the Steam Greenlight community project right now.

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