Indie Games Dominate The Nordic Game Awards


This year’s Nordic Game Awards has been particularly kind to indie game production. And why not? Some of the best games coming out of the Nordic region of the world have been some of the most memorable indie games ever created.

This fifth annual Nordic Game Awards were held on 11th May 2011 at the Malmö Convention Center in Malmö, Sweden. The conference entertained over 1,000 guests who highly anticipated the announcement of the winners of the five different categories.

First up is the Nordic Indie Sensation Award:

This premiering award is a special public award. Visitors of the Nordic Game Indie Night and the Nordic Game 2011 conference were able to try all the nominated games and vote for their favorite. The winner, who took away a Unity Pro License as well as the honor, was Vikings on Trampolines, developed by D-Pad Studios, Norway. The game is slightly mental and is pretty much summed up in its title: vikings – check, trampolines – check. Right, let’s get bouncing!

Next up is the Best Nordic Handheld Game:

With the recent success of Finnish Rovio and their Angry Birds franchise in mind, this was a highly anticipated category. Would the audience witness the birth of yet a new Nordic handheld success story? Time will tell for Danish Axe in Face, developed by Blue Carrot Design. Yes, another game with vikings starring in it. What did you expect? By the way, this game is pretty addictive, it should come with a warning.

So, you want a game with no vikings? Let’s take a look at the winner of Best Nordic Children’s Game:

The Nordic region has a proud history of producing quality games for children. This year it was the cute world of XBLA title Ilomilo, developed by Swedish Southend, which took the prize. You can read our review of this adorable puzzle game in issue 16 of Indie Game Mag.

This next category should perk up your little indie ears, Best Artistic Achievement:

Among the nominees for the this category were titles such as Kung-Fu Live, LIMBO, and Kane & Lynch 2, but it was the huge Swedish indie success Minecraft which took the prize. As the jury motivation wrote: ”In a ridiculously simplistic game world the beauty lies in the artistic empowerment of the player.” I don’t need to say anything else about this game – it’s Minecraft, capiche?

Finally, we get to the biggest category of them all, and guess who was voted Best Nordic Game?!

The competition in the main category was fierce this year with games such as Remedy’s Alan Wake, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from DICE, and Dead Nation from Finnish Housemarque among the nominees. In the end Danish LIMBO came out on top and added yet another trophy to the impressive list. Yes that’s right; despite the huge name competition it was up against, indie gem LIMBO does us indie gamers proud. If there was an indie gaming anthem, we would be singing it loud and proud right now! Check out our review here.

So there you have it, the Nordic Game Awards were completely dominated by indie titles this year, and we are thrilled about it. We are always on the lookout for quality indie games, and it is actually the Nordic region of the world which has proven to be one of the most fruitful. All eyes on the vikings, guys!

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