Indie Gem: And Yet it Moves makes it’s way to OnLive


And Yet it Moves keeps the boulder rolling by being ported to yet another platform.  Broken Rules may be busy with Chasing Aurora, but that doesn’t meant they don’t have the time to port their first game that they created while they were students over to the OnLive cloud gaming service.  And Yet It Moves scored well when we reviewed it over 2 years ago, won the IGF Student Showcase and has been featured at Indiecade.  The game has been available on a ton of platforms and services, but if you still haven’t picked it up, it’s now available on the play-on-demand streaming platform OnLive.  It’s pretty cool to get this game added to their playpack service which lets you play over 200 indie and AAA games for only $9.99/month.

For more information about this game, check out the official game’s website or check it out on OnLive Today.

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