Indie Intermission – ‘Accelerator’ Dodging With Cat Like Reflexes

Accelerator ss01
Accelerator ss01

Today’s game comes straight off Newgrounds and is a rather awesome arcade flight game. Accelerator has been created by TenebrousP and is a real fun minimalistic arcade game in which you must navigate your ship through all the tight bends in this maze.

Although your ship starts off very slowly it doesn’t take a long time to get going as you begin to zip by at an ever increased speed. The aim is to avoid everything and get as far as possible which is no easy task, and with moving objects and increased speed this game is a recipe for disaster from the get go.

The audio helps to immerse you into the game with ambient noise and sound effects that make you feel as if you are whizzing down this twisting tunnel.

Even though the graphical style is distinctly minimalistic I can’t help but feel this has been done deliberately to aid you and prevent too much visual stimuli.

Accelerator ss02

Average play time – 20 minutes

Accelerator is a great deal of fun and with the added leaderboard system adds a lot of replay value, there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your self creep up the leaderboard as you make more crazy dodges.

Accelerator’s games last from seconds to minutes but will always have you coming back for more. You can play Accelerator online for free.

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