Indie Intermission – ‘AstroSaboteur’ It’s Not A Sabotage But It Is Great Fun

Astro Saboteur splash

AstroSaboteur ss01

I am going to start by saying Calling a game AstroSaboteur with no tutorial or instructions – that I could find – and not expecting me to think the idea was to destroy the space station I was on really was a poor move on you SteveBushMango.

After running around working my hardest to destroy the enemy and the space station only to be greeted with the kill screen I was a little bit disappointed - most with myself and my own stupidity. 

AstroSaboteur ss02

I did later find out the idea is to try to destroy the invading aliens whilst retaining the space stations integrity… Not really my fault for killing countless humans is it if this is not explained in very simple terms for me at the beginning – it’s stated but not really explained. I am in fact very much the victim here. But enough about my difficult life.

AstroSaboteur despite me killing all the humans is in actuality a rather fun little title which was created for the Charity Game Jam over the weekend, yes another game jam. People seem to enjoy them so all the more power to them. 

AstroSaboteur ss03

Hosted by McFunkyPants the Charity Game Jam is a great example of the indie community getting together, creating some awesome games and raising funds for the greater good. In this case the proceeds when to Make A Wish Foundation which is of course a very important charity.

The sites being laid out like a NES is genius and really adds great aesthetics to the overall proceedings, really great site design and interface overall.

AstroSaboteur is a game created with NES like graphics and overall styling in the game, as was the brief for the jam. SteveBushMango has really captured the NES era with AstroSaboteur from the setting and gameplay to the awesome retro graphics. All of this I think is a fine example of a modern NES classic – it may be an oxymoron but it happens.

AstroSaboteur ss04

Average play time – 3 minutes or more if you’re competent

The gameplay is great and does force you to try to preserve the ship, which is taxing considering your shots bounce all over the damn place. From the graphics to the gameplay itself AstroSaboteur is oozing nostalgia out of every pore and this is highly commendable, especially when that is the idea.

If you are a fan of space shooters than AstroSaboteur really is a must and can be played on the official jam site here. Just be sure to select the correct cartridge and of course explore more of the awesome title there.

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