Indie Intermission – A Birthday Game Compilation Unlike No Other ‘Bday Bash’

Bday Bash jam
Bday Bash jam

The Bday Bash jam was a very special jam created for Danny Perski by a few awesome designers. The idea was to get as many people as possible to submit a very short game for his birthday. The game had to be of a running duration no longer than 10 seconds, which I found very interesting as this would no doubt lead to some awesome title, and well it did.

The end result of the Bday Bash jam is this compilation of great little games, largely birthday related(which is to be expected). Although the games are very short in their duration I can tell you that the gameplay is often times interesting and more often than not very difficult.

The game compilation is made up of around 30 games, which adds great variety, especially with them loading in a seemingly random order. As you may expect the games go from being typical birthday games like blowing out candles to interesting surfing game that expect you to catch waves! Though all bring their own personality to the bash and make it a very fun affair.

retro snake

The variety is fantastic as it would seem all the games offer a little something different, making you eager to play through the entire compilation. There is a scoring system and life system which means you can in theory play through all of the game, but you have to be pretty damn good to do that (a better man than me).

Average play time – 2 minutes

A fantastic idea to celebrate a game developers birthday, such a fitting tribute. The games that have been submitted really show a great variety and their short duration often times makes completing them very difficult (lasting 10 seconds is surprisingly hard). The artwork put together for the jam has been created fantastically and the lose condition for games being giving Danny socks is an inspired one.

Bday Bash really is a great little, very light hearted creation by the community and is a lot of fun! Have a go here and see how well you can do, I found it very difficult and therefore mostly failed. Bday Bash was made possible by BrettChalupa, Admung and Azurenimbus (Twitter handles).

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