Indie Intermission – Bring In The Heavy ‘Ordnance’ And Check Out A New Take On Tower Defence

Ordnance ss01
Ordnance ss01

Ok ok today is another tower defence styled game created again for Fuck This Jam - sounds  a lot like last friday. However Ordnance does offer quite a lot of variety from T.Y.P.O  and is a very different style of tower defence game.

Created by DeadPixl and Maddogawl Ordnance is a fantastic new take on the classic tower defence model. It works by having you upgrade fixed points across the map with weapons and upgrades, this helps create a very different feel to the game than the standard tower defences but is equally as fun.

Ordnance cannon

You also do not generate currency, which I am still unsure about but it seems to work quite well in Ordnance. As instead you have power that slowly generates overtime. I feel the power system could be better balanced is if you have to upgrade its rate of generation. This I feel would create a bit more balance throughout the game.

The gameplay feels very solid and although there is still a lot of work to do on Ordnance to complete it the concept so far is great and the visuals are stunning. The whole Sci-Fi feel is fantastic and the setting actually reminds me a lot of Wipeout even if the genres are totally different.

Ordnance explosion

Average play time – 2 Minutes

Very much a work in progress Ordnance really does show the potential for a great game, even in its limited state. The level of progress the developers have achieved is commendable considering it was made for a jam. And with the developers looking to work more on the game I expect great things from the finished product.

Be sure to give Ordnance a try here as even in its unfinished state it’s a game that will stick with you regardless.

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