Indie Intermission – ‘Caliente!’ Really Heating Up The Puzzle Match Genre

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Today I bring you a fantastic little title from the creative mind of Colin Northway. Responsible for Fantastic Contraption and the recently released Incredipede. Caliente! is a small browser game which was thought up on the fly whilst in Mexico, which is why the name is Spanish. Caliente! Realmente es bastante el juego de rompecabezas agradable!

 Caliente! reminds me a lot of several card games that require you to match colour or shape such as “Set” or “Blink” – of course without the arranging by number. I have always found this style of games to be rather tricky. Due to the speed you must act and the way you must arrange by both colour and shape as this can get very confusing under pressure.

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In Caliente! you start of f slowly. Having to remove the tiles before the board fills, whilst always keeping in mind the multiplier bonus. As you progress the game the board begins to fill up quicker and quicker. And if this was not enough it introduces hollow shapes and blank cards just to add to the pain. This all adds to the hectic nature of Caliente! which really does add to the fun and the mental workout.

Average play time – 3 minutes

Arranging shapes and colours may not be to everyone’s liking but Caliente! will force you to think long and hard about your combinations and always results in, infuriating fun. Although you will struggle to survive for long stretches of time  every time you lose you will want to load back into Caliente! as you can always do better, and you know it.

A small and fun frenzied game Caliente! is a great way to spend a few minutes from your day – or an hour – and offers a continual challenge. Play Caliente! here and follow Northway Games here.

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