Indie Intermission Day 12 – ‘F**K The Evolution’

fuck the evolution splash
fuck the evolution splash

This is a fun twist on the evolution concept that we have now all grown to love from Ludum Dare 24 and its evolution theme. Fuck The Evolution is a game that appealed to me solely on the basis of the splash screen and story. You play as a dinosaur who goes forward in time to get an AK47 but then goes back in time to fight the waves of ever evolving enemies as he battles though time itself.

It is a great twist on the evolution idea as you play trying to survive through time, Fuck The Evolution was created by Lucas, Dave and Morgane for LD24 and seems to contain quite the inspired story.

fuck the evolution SS01

The gameplay is fine, very basic but on many levels what is not to love about playing as a dinosaur with an AK47 killing hordes of enemies. It is indeed more of a game based on gimmicks and that is fine to see it through LD24 with a different take on the theme, one that I have not really came across all too much until Fuck The Evolution. However the graphics are very basic but they are functional and the sounds are a tad lacking although they exist and are indeed better then some.

fuck the evolution end title

I am still uncertain if you can complete this game as before I got to what I assume was the final wave however it seemed to glitch out and I couldn’t die and couldn’t win so I am uncertain, but that aside it is a fun game that can keep you busy for a small amount of time.

Average time to complete : 10 minutes

Fuck The Evolution can be downloaded here and if you like what you play then vote for it on the Ludum Dare 24 site here.

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