Indie Intermission Day 19 -’Uberlution’

uberlution splash
uberlution splash

Ludum Dare 24 will be ending soon and so far I have covered some great titles from the game jam competition. I am very interested in looking to see the winners as I am sure they will be great entries. Even though LD24 ends soon there is by no means a lack of titles to get through with an ever growing wealth of free games coming out I have more then enough to work with. Uberlution is one of those games from LD24 and is a pretty awesome game from the creative mind of Tom Victor, the one man team that makes Robotic made for LD24 on the theme of “evolution”.

Uberlution is a fish in a pond game where you start off as the small creature and through eating creatures smaller than you it evolves and moves up the food chain. The idea is to avoid the bigger monsters until you are big enough to eat them and work your way up the food chain. A very short game but the gameplay mechanics are largely good with the way you can get released from the grip of the big guys by frantically button bashing adding another dimension. Along with the nice radar you get at your second evolution, makes for some nice perks that makes this game a little bit more unorthodox.

uberlution SS01

The graphics are great, they add a very nice feel to the game as a whole creating this pretty awesome looking forest that you navigate through looking for victims to eat. The wild colours really build up the basis for the game greatly and make this game not only play well but also look fantastic, and for this to of been created in only two days is pretty awesome indeed.

Uberlution is a great starting point which can easily be built on by Tom Victor into a fully fleshed out game. By making different stages and tying it together with some sort of story, or even just taking the concept and developing in a different light all together.

Average completion time – 10 minutes

Uberlution is an awesome little game from Robotic and seems a very promising start to hopefully a very successful developer. Uberlution can be played here, and as always if you like what you see then please vote for this great little title.

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