Indie Intermission Day 26 – LD24 Fourth Place ‘Porte Par Le Vent’

PorteParLeVent SS01
PorteParLeVent SS01

Today we have a look at the fourth place game in the LD24, which is a very interesting take on a checkpoint based flight game. Porte Par Le Vent or Carried By The Wind is a game created by Elisée and over 10 other people in the LD24 jam. Porte Par Le Vent is a fun little game where the objective is to flight through all of the checkpoints, evolve your plane and reach the end.

The graphics are art style overall is very well thought out and put together well. The full and detailed 3D environment make for the visuals in Porte Par Le Vent to be very nice in a cartoony Minecraft styling. Consistently throughout the game the environment contains plenty of filled out areas to explore and look around, each bringing there own charm and unique area.

PorteParLeVent SS02

The game does lack any form of audio, no doubt because of the time it would of taken to produce the rich game environments. It is a common trend in jam games to lack audio and is a little disappointing however the visuals i feel make up for it.

The gameplay is solid starting out with you as a paper aeroplane being able to move left and right as well as gain in the upwards direction, but as you reach new areas your plane will change. From model aeroplanes to jets the gradual progression is very nice adding new elements in phase. It is easy to see why this is one of the best games in this Ludum Dare.

Average play time – 5 minutes

Porte Par Le Vent is a great fun little game that starts out quite difficult but as you get used to the controls it gets easier. The areas are all very well developed and the game can take a little while to get through even though a complete run will take little more then five minutes.

Porte Par Le Vent’s Ludum Dare page where you can download the game can be found here.

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