Indie Intermission Day 3 – ‘Limit’

limit splash
limit splash

The amount of talent that comes out of the Ludum Dare contests continues to surprise me with only a weekend to create a whole new unique game following one of the themes set out by the contest. Limit is the beautifully created pixel-art styled platform game from developer Sakuyan in which you play to evolve from a little ball like creature.

limit screen 01

The concept is very straightforward starting out as this tiny blue ball which grows as it eats more, however as it grows it needs to eat more to evolve though you gain extra abilities to help you reach new food sources. The design is very interesting the artwork is great with the environment looking very nice and clearly well thought out in its design, the sprites themselves are great created in a pixel-art style making the visuals in this game one of the highlights. The decision to limit the field of view was an interesting one that works very well within the idea of evolution as you start off only seeing a small letterbox of the environment but as you evolve you are able to see more and more giving a nice feel.

limit end screen

Limit has two stages however it is easy to see that most of the work ended up being put in the first one, this is fine considering the very limited time and the sheer detail in the first stage which has the bulk of the gameplay. Limit is a very nice concept piece that could easily be taken and developer more into a fully fledged platformer in its own unique stylings and in many ways I would really like to see the direction the developer would like to take this game.

Limit was submitted as part of the Ludum Dare 24 working on the theme “evole” and can be played here, if you would like to read the development blog for Limit check it out here.

Average time to complete: 3 minutes

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