Indie Intermission Day 32 – ‘Apocalypse Later’

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It is not everyday that you find a very whimsical game, you know, a game that just has a lot of irreverent comedy, based around the continually popular theme of the apocalypse. Apocalypse Later was created by the combined genius of David S Gallant, Eric Weiss and Mladen Stambolija and has you play as a child, hell bent on taking over the world and ruling supreme.

The story and character reminds me a lot of Stewie from the first few seasons of Family Guy (when it was still good), as this was also his purpose original in the long running TV show. However ending the world is always a difficult affair and requires a bit more time than you would expect, because of this you have a list to complete to usher in the destruction of the world. It is quite inspired really from making brimstone to repairing your pirate ship the gameplay is just light hearted fun, with many daft comments made throughout.

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Apocalypse Later is a point and click game with a great level of humour and although being very easy, makes for a very fun game to take you out of reality for a few minutes. The graphic styling is nice, although quite basic it fits into the overall scene and idea very nicely working well overall.

Average play time – 10 minutes

Apocalypse Later is a fun zany game with some great comedy elements to it. I greatly enjoyed the playthrough of it, although lacking in audio it did not detract too much from the gameplay overall. Apocalypse Later can be played in browser here and David S Gallant’s site is here, incase you want to check out any of his other work.

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