Indie Intermission Day 4 – ‘Tiny Evolution Adventure’

Tiny SS05
Tiny SS05

Today I am going to be looking at yet another game placed in the Ludum Dare 24 following the theme of evolution, similar to my last entry Limit, Tiny Evolution Adventure starts you out as a basic organism and forces you to battle for survival by eating you wat quite literally up the food chain.

Tiny SS01

The games overall gameplay is very well put together and makes for a solid platformer that changes as you level up most notably from the second to third stage with spiders seeming to be these colossal monsters at the top of the food chain, only to  become a tiny species with you frequently eat on the following level after your evolution. The evolution of the stages I feel was one of the strongest elements behind this game and made for fun gameplay.

Tiny SS03

The overall art style is very nice, cartoony which lends itself to the overall game flow with a lot of great detail being apparent in the scenery and sprites making for a very nice visual game with distinct stage designs. The music is also very nice with each stage having its own music which is one thing that is often missing from these small indie games, but the changes in music makes for a nice distinction between stages and prevents it getting too repetitive.

If you are a fan of platformers then Tiny Evolution Adventures is for you, developed by Jussi Simpanen for Ludum Dare 24 you can play the web version here and if you enjoy it of course vote for it.

Average time to complete: 10 minutes

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