Indie Intermission – ‘Deepak Fights Robots’ The Most Funky Fly Game Around

Deepak Fights Robots splash
Deepak Fights Robots splash

This is a game for all you funky fly cats out there that are ready to embrace the preaching of funk yo. Release you inner funk in Tom Sennett fantastically loud and entertaining title Deepak Fights Robots.

You play as Deepak a regular guy working in a typical boring office. Until one day you go to work to find a robot pimp decided to whisk you away to another dimension… A dimension of funk. This dimension however is populated with unfunky robots and it is your job to fight against these robots (See the title does make sense).

Deepak Fights Robots ss04

The setting is random and the graphics are loud, oh so loud and very much in your face although they contribute to the overall feel of the game fantastically. Drawn in a distinctly cartoonish manner Deepak Fights Robots really does have a lot to love about it and that is basing the game solely off the aesthetics. Don’t worry, the gameplay itself is rather great also.

Deepack Fights Robots is a retro platformer arcade game. It draws (noticeable) a great deal of influenced from Pac Man, Bubble Bobble and Donkey Kong, all of which providing a fantastic base to build a game upon.  I especially like the Pac Man take in which once you collect all the pick ups on the map you become a super hero to finally exact your vengeance on these robots. Check out the trailer below to get a feel for the humour in game:

Average play time – 3 minutes per level

Deepak Fights Robots is a bazaar and lovable title that is just fun through and through. With a continual string of funky tunes playing it really is hard to go wrong wasting investing some of your day in Deepak’s world. Although rather a long game with around 180 levels it is well worth picking up as it will put a smile on your face for the rest of the week, even if you only have time for the first couple of levels.

Deepak Fights Robots can be played here

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