Indie Intermission – ‘Effing Worm Xmas’ A Subterranean Rampage Just In Time For Christmas

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Kicking off this week of Christmas themed games I am going to have a look at a really great little game that completely brings the spirit of Christmas barrelling home.

Effing Worm Xmas is a fantastical simple by hilarious fun take on this festive season. You play as a worm hell bent on taking out Santa, however before you can accomplish your goal you have to first draw him to you. The game does seem to draw influences from the cult classic Tremors and is therefore even more reason to love it.

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The game takes place in the north pole and you must hunt from your subterranean safe haven and only pounce when you see your chance. The controls are simple but the gameplay is a great deal of fun, leaping out and devouring unsuspecting elves does not get boring.

The way the music and the scene really transition from you being under ground to you attacking those on the surface is great and it all funnels into the game, making for a highly enjoyable arcade game.

With an interesting upgrade system and level based objectives Effing Worm Xmas is a very well thought out and constructed game which has a big focus on score attack, generating a lot of potential play time.

Effing Worms Xmas SS06

Average play time – 8 minutes

Effing Worm Xmas really will put you in a great mood, just in time for Christmas so be sure to check it out. It’s a great deal of fun and offers quite a few different ways to play, especially with the upgrade system in place.

Play Effing Worm Xmas here now.

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