Indie Intermission – ‘Evil Robot Of Doom Crushes Innocent Town Due To Parliamentary Disagreement’

Evil Robot SS01
Evil Robot SS01

Continuing on the Ludum Dare theme I bring you a rather interesting entry from Nik. Evil Robot Of Doom Crushes Innocent Town Due To Parliamentary Disagreement (Evil Robot) is a very interesting arcade title in which I feel the name is not only enough to grab your attention, but also enough to give you the basic story of the game.

If you have not yet realised Evil Robot is a very zany game which follows a robot hell bent on destroying a town, simply because he received an insulting letter regarding his Parliamentary decisions (we’ve all been here and so I’m sure we can all empathise).

Evil Robot SS02

You must play as said robot and survive as long as you can whilst destroy as much as you can to settle the score. The game is very simple and plays out in a basic manner as you are quite restricted in what you can do with the controls. Evil Robot is entirely a score attack game that has some great pixel art graphics and some entirely zany humour.

The art style chosen is fantastic and ties into the theme of 50s horror disaster films such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, giving Evil Robot a very interesting feel that is both new yet reminiscent of the 1950s era in cinema.

Evil Robot SS03

Average play time – 3 minutes

Evil Robot is a fantastic little game that although having very basic gameplay elements plays in a fun manner for the time you will spend playing it. The story is quirky and largely irrelevant, but this is a large part of the charm. The art style feeds amazingly into the style and it all comes together in this fantastic little game, and only taking 20 hours to make shows Nik has some serious talent.

Be sure to play Evil Robot Of Doom Crushes Innocent Town Due To Parliamentary Disagreement on the official Ludum Dare site here. If you enjoy the game consider voting for it also.

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