Indie Intermission – ‘How The Thuglife Stole Christmas’ When Elves Become Too Cool For Santa

How the Thuglife Stole Christmas SS02
How the Thuglife Stole Christmas SS02

Continuing on the Christmas theme, today I bring you one of the great entries from the recent Ludum Dare 25. As I have said before the quality of games this LD has been amazing and although this game is still very much a work in progress the concept is great and in my mind is one of the best Christmas themed games in the competition.

How The Thuglife Stole Christmas (Thuglife) follows the story of a rogue Christmas Elf who is hell bent on stealing back the presents Santa has left for his own gain. The theme is able to cover both a Christmas theme and the LD25 flavour with “You are the Villain” creating a very interesting idea for a game, that does work rather well.

How the Thuglife Stole Christmas SS03

It is true that Thuglife is far from complete and in fact suffers from a lack of gameplay mechanics because of it. However the concept is nice as you jump across the rooftops to descend down the unsuspecting families chimney.

Once you break in you must than navigate a maze and find the trees, it works rather well and although does hurt from the lack of guards patrolling the houses the proof of concept is there. I am sure a little extra development of the game would increase the gameplay greatly, and create one very fun little game.

How the Thuglife Stole Christmas SS04

Average play time – 5 minutes

Thuglife is a nice take on the theme and holiday season and creates a rather fun little game. It is quite limited at present and does feel like adding some extra features would really stretch out the gameplay greatly.

A little bit more post development time and love would go a long way in making this jam game into a much more full experience. Be sure to check it out on the Ludum dare site here. If you enjoy it be sure to vote.

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