Indie Intermission – ‘Latvia Dream Of Potato’ A True To Life Latvian Simulator

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Today’s game deviates from the Ludum Dare contest with Latvia Dream of Potato (Potato) by Chris Germano. Potato is a rather interesting game that takes a lot of influence from the popular Reddit thread all about Latvian memes.

Potato takes a lot of the humour that has been generated about Latvian life relating to potatoes and the foreign perception of the country, and weaves it into a funny and interesting text based RPG.

Although the game is rather limited and only produces a few limited scenarios the humour in the text is rather amusing and should at least put a smile on your face.

From what I can ascertain there is no win condition, or at the very least I was not able to find one, but nonetheless the game offers interesting scenarios.

Latvia Dream of Potato ss02

Average play time – 2 minutes

Potato is a very interesting and amusing take on Latvian culture, really embracing the stereotypes that the internet has generated. Although a rather small game at present I feel with more development and some branching story Potato could be a rather interesting text adventure game.

If you would like to play Latvia Dream Of Potato head to the Potato site.

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  1. mepstein73

    This game has been updated a lot in recent weeks, so it’s much more in-depth and interesting. Quite fun!

  2. RandomLatvian

    Ugh. Im from latvia, I dont get why these jokes seem funny. Most of the pepole in Latvia dont have such bad english. Well. Most of them. Seriously. What the hell?!

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