Indie Intermission – ‘Sealed Evil’ Can Crushingly Brilliant

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Sealed Evil SS01

I know that many people consider fizzy drinks such as Cola to be somewhat evil, however Neonlare (Kyle Riley) decided to give evil a more literal embodiment in the form of an evil can in Sealed Evil.

Sealed Evil has the perfect 1980s B-movie plot line that is just so crazy you imagine it to be an idea that would in fact make for a great movie. You are a primordial evil force, who was sealed away many years ago in a cylindrical can. Ever since you where unjustly sealed away and thrown into space you have been plotting your revenge, now you return and to stomp all who oppose you… one stomp at a time.

Sealed Evil - Gym

The off the wall story and fantastic graphics really create a great new experience here that allows for a great deal of humour and fun throughout. The whole premise of the game is to claim as many souls as possible on each level, but be quick as you only get 1 minute per level – Bringing a whole new meaning to can crushing.

The levels are fantastically varied and each comes with their own unique music score that is a midi take on some class tunes. Basically Sealed Evil is full of comedic elements from start to finish and has quite a lot of gameplay to stomp your way through.

Sealed Evil - level select

Average play time – 10 minutes

Although the controls take quite a bit of getting used to, after playing Sealed Evil for a few minutes you start to get a feel for the way this crazed can behaves and begin to settle into the killing. The levels are designed in a highly distinctive pixel-art style with some great music over the top, really adding a lot to the game overall and succeeds in creating a very fun and well designed game.

Be sure to play Sealed Evil on the official Ludum Dare site here and if you enjoy it you should consider voting for it also.

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