Indie Intermission – ‘Silent Night’ Stealth Action Grinching

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Continuing on the Christmas week I have found a fantastic title that was created for the latest Ludum Dare and follows along the same theme as yesterday.

Silent Night is a tactical stealth game created by the Swedish development team Krutech (David, Thomas, Daniel) and is a fantastic little Christmas inspired game.

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In Silent Night you play as the Grinch, as you break into unsuspecting family houses in the hope of stealing their Christmas presents. The games stealth elements play out very well with the guards waking up when they hear you, to patrol in patterns making your life all the more difficult and of course implementing the stealth gameplay seamlessly.

Although Silent Night only has six levels, each offer something slightly different and more challenging from the last, creating a rather well made and fun game. Of course there is much more room for future development and countless ways to widen the scope of the game, to create a full rounded title.

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Average play time – 10 minutes

Silent Night introduces stealth elements seen in games like Metal Gear and Mark Of The Ninja focusing primarily on cones of vision. The levels begin very easy but rapidly increase in difficulty as you progress through the game, and although limited, you wont be able to put this game down until you steal all the presents.

Be sure to check out Silent Night on the official Ludum Dare site here and if you enjoy it vote for the game as well.

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