Indie Intermission – ‘Sole Gunner’ Run N Gun Your Troubles Away

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Run N Gun games can be great fun, they do however have to measure up to the many classics of the past so they do already have the bar set rather high. This I feel is a good thing and forces developers to create fantastic new games as shown here by Sinclairian’s Sole Gunner.

Sole Gunner as you would expect follows along the same lines as many games of this genre. You must shoot and jump your way through the many hazards on the levels to access the bosses. This wouldn’t be a run n gunner if you couldn’t get weapon power ups along the way to help your cause, so expect to see a small selection to choose from.

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Although the levels are short and at present the online version only has four levels to choose from don’t let this deceive you. Sole Gunner is a substantial game due to the bosses requiring a bit of trial and error, you would be surprised how long you can spend just on one level.

Expect to run each level a few times before you understand the level and boss dynamics, but don’t worry too much as restarting the levels is easy and due to their short duration it should not take too long overall. This all creates a very balanced game that is a great deal of fun to gun through.

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Average play time – 10 minutes

Sole Gunner has been created in a great pixel art style that is very pleasing on the eye and carries enough detail to make the levels look lush and full of colour. It also has enough challenge throughout to make it fun, but not too much to make it frustrating and believe me striking this balance can be very difficult so I commend Sinclairian on this.

Sole Gunner is a solid run n gunner that will keep you engrossed for its duration and is well worth a shot if you just want to go around a kill some robots, or just to vent some frustration.

It’s a nice way to unwind a little and can be played on Newgrounds here. If you like the game be sure to check out the Kickstarter here and judge for yourself if this idea appeals to you.

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