Indie Intermission – ‘Spy Trouble’ Spying Has Never Been So Stylish

Spy Trouble splash
Spy Trouble SS06

I did expect Ludum Dare to again yield some fantastic and diverse titles and going on the very limited number I have seen so far I can’t complain, as the level of creativity and diversity has been great so far and I have high hopes for the rest. Yesterday we played God and today we delve into espionage in Spy Trouble from Mikolaj ‘Sos’ Kaminski the Developer behind the fantastically weird McPixel returns to form yet again.

Sos is no newcomer to game jams and has proven a formidable opponent with the metroidvania title Spy Trouble. A short but sweet platformer that has a nice selection of upgrades and a somewhat comical story that does however largely take a back seat in the game.

Spy Trouble SS05

The game is driven by the fun platforming mechanics and allows you to slowly advance through the game by picking up the upgrades scattered around this laboratory. Calling it a laboratory however is maybe a bit of a stretch, due to the stark absence of any lab equipment but this of course is not important in the game.

You must run duck and dodge your way to victory in your mission to over throw this mad scientist, however all is not as it seems. Expect some comic twists and amusing outcomes as Spy Trouble begins to twist the narrative into a very quirky ending.

Spy Trouble SS02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Spy Trouble is a very fun platformer that has been created around this rather fun narrative. With plenty of upgrades and a slowly progressing skill level Spy Trouble is a lot of fun, if not overly difficult. That is until the last section which does seem to really ramp up.

Be sure to play Spy Trouble via the official Ludum Dare site here and if you enjoy it be sure to vote for it too. If you would like to learn more about Sos check out his site here.

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