Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up : A Week In Game Jams


With two awesome Jams finishing so close to one another this week has been a week of looking at Fuck This Jam and the Charity Game Jam. Both producing many quality and diverse titles from the deeply satirical to the fantastically retro, so many great games were created.

Below is the week round up of games that stood out for me, however both jams contain so many great games so be sure to head to both sites for more awesome games.

Monday: ‘Super Metronome Hero’ Laying Down The Sweet Beats

Super metronome hero levelBeing a fan of rhythm games I loved this satire of the now stale genre. Metronome Hero does take the concept to the most extreme level and in my opinion pulls it off fantastically. Deeply satirical and good fun Metronome Hero is well worth your time, hell it’s only short.

Tuesday: ‘AstroSaboteur’ It’s Not A Sabotage But It Is Great Fun

AstroSaboteur ss04

Made for the Charity Game Jam AstroSaboteur really does embody a lot of the NES era of gaming. From the setting to the gameplay I can imagine a more primitive version of this being reelased on the NES. A modern day NES classic that ticks all the boxes.

Wednesday: ‘Harvestation: Farmocalypse’ Farm By Day Kill By Night

Farmocalypse ss01

Who would’ve thought it was possible to combine bullet hell with farming, not me that’s for sure. Farmocalypse however is a great melding of the two genres creating a very promising new game. It worked so well in fact I imagine this idea may be grabbed by other developers in the future, so be sure to check it out.

Thursday: ‘Point Zero’ A Retro Road Rage Romp

Point Zero ss03

This really brings back a huge swell of nostalgia for me. The controls are basic and so is the gameplay but it’s all in keeping with the theme and the NES aim. Very fun and difficult but embodies a lot from the 80s.

Friday: Bring In The Heavy ‘Ordnance’

Ordnance ss01

Although a very early concept piece I really love the art direction and the game actually plays fantastically. Ordnance is a nice new take on tower defence with a heavy emphasis on upgrading and creating your own turret points. It works very well it just needs to be finished, a must for any tower defence fan.


That concludes another week in free gaming and one that I feel have been very successful. It has been a week full of Jam games but I do love covering jams as they rarely disappoint. Jams always have such creativity and great titles I think they are always worth a look at. Next week I’ll shy away from Jams especially with the next Ludum Dare coming up soon.

Have a great and relaxed Sunday everyone and hope to see you tomorrow for the start of a new week in gaming.

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