Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Ludum Dare 25


Yet again another brilliant Ludum Dare finished this week and with it a torrent of quality indie games. The theme was “You are the villain  and as usual the indie scene rose to the occasion and managed to make many amazing games.

I have only been able to show case five titles this week and out of over 1,000 entries this is but a small dent on the true selection of games to pick from. Don’t worry as I will be returning to the Ludum Dare selection after Christmas so expect to see more in the next week or two.

As always the title will lead you to the original article where as the image will take you to the Ludum Dare page and enjoy this great line up of time wasters.

Monday: ‘Echo Chamber’ I’m Feeling The Good Vibrations

Echo Chamber ss01

 Have you ever felt that you would make a good God? Yeah me to and this game allows you to take up the task and believe me it’s not all fun and games. You are expected to arrange your worshippers in such a manner to prevent all the negativity coming at you to be deflected by their prise. It’s simple but effective and always great fun.

Tuesday: Spy Trouble’ Spying Has Never Been So Stylish

Spy Trouble SS05

If spying is more your thing than put on your darken glasses and your finest suit in preparation for this great little game. Spy Trouble is a fantastically created metroidvania style game that has a very quirky story which, although is not a massive focus really does add to the gameplay overall.

Wednesday: ’Super Witch Hunter Pro’ Witch Hunting 101

super Witch Hunter Pro - Burn The Witch

Witch hunting has never been so fun or so beautifully created before in this wonderful arcade styled game. The premise is simple, you must burn the witches that appear on the stakes but what they don’t tell you is just how crafty they can be. Full of tongue in cheek humour that will force you to laugh out loud you will love this game.

Thursday: ‘Evil Robot Of Doom Crushes Innocent Town Due To Parliamentary Disagreement’

Evil Robot SS03

Rarely do games captivate the spirit and style of movies so perfectly, however we see a key example here. The art style and subject matter is the perfect recreation of a 1950s b-side horror film and what is not to love about that. Although with very basic gameplay mechanics Evil Robot provides a full gaming experience for the short duration it lasts.

Friday: Sealed Evil’ Can Crushingly Brilliant

Sealed Evil SS01

Evil Robot brought the 50s Sealed Can brings the 80s horror genre and it does so perfectly. From the zany story to the great visuals there really is very little not to love about this game. The controls are difficult to get used to due to the way the can moves but once you get the hang of it expect to smile you way through the can crushingly brilliant levels.


Ludum Dare 25 has churned out so many great titles all taking the theme and really making it something special. From satire to strategy there is truly something for everyone here. Be sure to check back all next week for my Christmas picks, Tis the season after all.

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