Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up : Sir Rexington Should Ride A PodRacer


Yet another week flies by as we begin to draw ever closer to Christmas, but lets not forget Halloween is yet to come. This week I have found some truly amazing games that I for one have enjoyed greatly. Starting the week with the results of the fantastic Jam for Danny’s Birthday to looking at crazy owl games and racers.

It has been a greatly diverse and fun week for internet gaming, not unlike most weeks really. So here is the recap to really set your Sunday off to a flying start, and what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with video games? As always the title will take you to the article and the picture will take you to the game, enjoy.

Monday: A Birthday Game Compilation Unlike No Other Bday Bash

Bday Bash jam

 One of the best ideas I have heard to celebrate a birthday I feel in love with the idea. The jam has produced some awesome mini-mini games with substantial range really. It has been compiled into a very fun little package that shuffles all the games around giving an unpredictable nature to the games. Worth a go and as games last a max of 10 seconds not really a time investment.

Tuesday: A Showdown Of Epic Proportions In Rotation Fixation

Rotation Fixation splash

 A pretty awesome multiplayer originated title. Has a lot of really good ideas in place I would love it if the developers would make it compatible with local co-op as it would make for a very fun party game. The graphic style is very basic but it has a lot of solid concepts, especially with the way the arena is ever changing to increase the difficulty.

If developed a little more this game really would make for a fantastic game to play when some friends are over. It will no doubt end in much arguing like all good competitive games do.

Wednesday: Duck, Dive, Dodge, If You Can Dodge A Saw… In Owl Vs Saws

owl vs saws

 A quirky different game than the standard. I pulled it out of the oh Jam but it really impressed me. Very short game duration and very difficult overall I found trying to save this poor defenseless owl quite the challenge. A great deal of fun even if you tend to die a lot I do like the simplistic art style and basic mechanics it all just works.

Thursday: The Fantastically Drawn, Sad Tale Of Don’t Look Back

dont look back header

 This game really took my by surprise. The first game from the critically acclaimed developer of VVVVVV Don’t Look Back is a very deep and emotional tale of one mans loss. Full of fun and eventful stages with various puzzles and platforming bits it truly is a fantastic game I implore everyone to play.

Friday: Race The Sun, Fast Paced Racing From Dusk Till Dawn

Race The Sun splash

 I may not be one for racers really but this one really played very well. I have liked Wipeout in the past and although t terrible at it Race The Sun follows along a similar line to the Wipeout series whilst doing its own thing. Very fast paced and podracer-esque in its approach this fun little racer will keep you busy for a substantial length of time.  The art style is great and the controls basic but functional I really did enjoy this game a lot.

So wraps up another great week in free gaming from across the web. With next week being so close to Halloween I think it only makes sense to kick off a Halloween themed session. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a spooky week full of treats and no doubt some tricks to balance it all out.

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