Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up : Some Festive Cheer And End Of An Era


This past week has seen some of the best Christmas related free games around, and really what more can you want over the holiday season? I hope everyone has had a great Christmas so far and is slowly recovering from the food comma induced by all the Christmas festivities. Although with New Year still to come I am sure everyone will have one last party before returning to normal in the new year.

Be sure to check out some of these fantastic Christmas games in the wake of Christmas. As always clicking the title will take you to the original article whilst the image will take you to the page to play the game, enjoy.

Monday: ’Effing Worm Xmas’ A Subterranean Rampage Just In Time For Christmas

Effing Worms Xmas SS05

Very much inspired by the cult classic Tremors in this game you take control of a worm that is out to destroy Christmas by taking out Santa. A very fun and creative twist on the holiday season which combines some great fast paced action with some very nice RPG elements. A very frantic Christmas game with a lot of fun and of course plenty of humour to keep you entertained for the duration.

Tuesday: ’Mega Man Christmas Carol’ A Sci-Fi Story For The Ages

maga man christmas carol christmas past boss battle

A Christmas Carol is a classic story that some would argue has been done to death. However in my opinion there is always room for new, creative takes on the story and from this we see Mega Man taking his Christmas journey. A very creative and fun take on the holiday that is sure to entertain all your run and gun needs. Even though it is a holiday game, and quite small don’t expect the game to be a walk over as you try your best to beat all of these Mega Man bosses in time for Christmas.

Wednesday: A Belated ‘Flash Advent Calendar 2012′

The NG 2012 Advent Calendar - ss03

Many sites do different advent calenders, however I did really enjoy the Newgrounds one which spanned many cultural references from the year, culminating in this fantastic calendar. For the most part it is not really a game but the flash videos and small game segments make for a highly amusing calender.

Thursday: ’How The Thuglife Stole Christmas’ When Elves Become Too Cool For Santa

How the Thuglife Stole Christmas SS03

Created for the LD25 this game is still very much in the early stages of its development. However this said the core gameplay idea seems a novel one and with extra time put in I am sure it would be a rather fun game. Even though there is very little gameplay currently here the concepts and game mechanics are worth checking out.

Friday/ Saturday: Silent Night’ Stealth Action Grinching

Silent Night 01

Similar concept to the previous days game this entry (again for LD25) is a bit more of a complete gaming experience. Silent Night plays out as a stealth action game in which you must infiltrate unsuspecting peoples houses to steal all the presents. The game only has six levels but it does showcase the game nicely and is a must play for all stealth Christmas fans – and that should be everyone.


This is the last Indie Intermission round up of the year and after several months of great games the new year will bring hopefully even more great titles for me to sink my teeth into. Expect a few changes to the format in the new year as I try to update it in part and have a great New Year all. See you all in 2013!

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