Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: How To Prevent The Robocalypse


This week has seen a great selection of games from all over the internet. From the fantastic de-make of Team Fortress to trying to pass on your planetary material in space it has been a week of quite broad games. As always to link back to the original article click the title and for the game click the image.

Monday: ‘Team Fortress Arcade’ A De-Make Of Epic Proportions

Team Fortress Arcade - ss09

 A great new take on the classic FPS in which you play a side scrolling shooter instead. It’s quite the leap from the original but full of TF references throughout it makes for quite a fun and frantic game at times. Even if you are not a fan of the TF series this game is worth a go, especally if you love a bit of side scrolling action.

Tuesday: ‘Sole Gunner’ Run N Gun Your Troubles Away

Sole Gunner ss03

A well crafted run n gun game that is short but sweet. It’s true the levels are not massive but that said they have been created fantastically and offer some great variety and a whole load of fun throughout.

Wednesday: ‘Manufactoria’ Nobody Puts These Robots In The Corner

Manufactoria ss02

 This is a highly complex puzzler in a similar vein to the great SpaceChem, so expect to work hard to complete even the early levels. A great mental workout that will test your problem solving skills to no end, but deeply satisfying if you can solve the puzzles.

Thursday: It’s Time To Live The ‘American Dream’ 

American Dream ss01

An interesting take on what the American dream means to many people. In many ways a satirisation, however it is often difficult to tell and that is where some of the strengths lie. The gameplay is great fun and provides ample strategy throughout, so is well worth a go if you enjoy strategy games.

Friday: ‘Big Bang’ In Space No One Can Pass Their Seed

Big Bang Ss01

A very odd and interesting puzzle game. It’s odd because you must pass on your planets genetic material to cause every planet to super nova, but aside from the very weird premise the game actually plays out rather well. It’s a puzzler that will leave you scratching your head on many occasions as you try to devise the optimum order for everything.


This ends yet another week, and moving so close to Christmas now expect to see the odd Christmas themed game starting to pop up in amongst the weekly run down. I am planning to leave the main Christmas games week until next week however and with the latest Ludum Dare running over this weekend expect to see some LD entries here in the coming week. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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