Indie Intermission – The Fantastically Drawn, Sad Tale Of ‘Don’t Look Back’

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Today I bring you a fantastic game in all its pixel art glory. Don’t Look Back is a fantastic low res platformer with puzzle elements from the amazing mind of Terry Cavanagh, the very same man who brought about the critically acclaimed VVVVVV . Don’t Look Back was his first flash game and it is truly fantastic from start to finish.

Although the story is not told in text, voice overs or any overt way, the game actually has quite a rich and powerful narrative. The story and concept overall are based on the Greek mythological story of Orpheus. Terry Cavanagh takes the concept and presents it via the very powerful opening title screen, the name of the game and the way the game actually ends up playing out.

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The gameplay is solid and the controls work perfectly, with a couple of common alternate buttons to suit your preferences. Don’t Look Back contains some taxing bosses which require a little bit of problem solving to overcome. This can be a little frustrating but once you figure it out the overall mechanics are quite simple. Luckily every screen offers a respawn so if you die there is no backtracking, which is helpful as there seems to be quite a lot of trial and error involved.

Although Don’t Look Back does not really get harder past a certain point in the game, it is the journey that makes this game so unique and worth while playing to completion. Along with the way the game draws to its completion, making this a very worthwhile game to complete.

The pixel art style used is very minimalistic with not much variant of colour, however this style works very well and fits into the game perfectly providing an ideal platform for Don’t Look Back.

The audio is very good and powerful when it plays, sadly I found the music to be quite intermittent mostly coming about for the boss fights and leaving a void for the platforming, but you can’t have everything.

Average play time – 35 minutes

Even with Don’t Look Back being made in 2009 it still holds up as a very fun platformer. With a great story told unconventionally and lots of fun platforming areas to overcome Don’t Look Back really is something special. Play it here in your browser. Now you can also get this fantastic title on your iOS device from iTunes. Be sure to keep up with all of Terry Cavanagh’s latest developments here.

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  1. Lauren

    This is one of the best games I’ve ever played period. India or not. I just beat it and I am still sitting here with my heart feeling like it has helium in it due to the powerful ending. I would gladly pay 15 bucks for this game. Thanks Terry Cavenagh. ^Lauren Hinson March 11,2014 @TheInfamouslauren ^

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