Indie Intermission – Trying To Lead The Cat Astray In ‘Chat Noir’

Chat Noir SS01
Chat Noir SS01

When i first saw the cat on a tiled board and was informed the idea was to keep the cat from escaping the board, I thought this is going to be very easy. Somehow i managed to fence the pesky feline in on my second go, so I thought my assumption was correct. However after giving the game a good few more goes I found out there was much more too it, and it was not that easy.

Chat Noir, or Black Cat, is a very interesting if not slightly bizarre game. You are tasked to fence the feline and prevent its cunning escape. It does look easy when you see the board, however the random generation of the filled in spots really adds a great level of challenge, along with an unpredictable element. That and the way the cat will initially move in a seeming random direction off the bat.

Chat Noir SS02

It is a very interesting game, that on the outset looks and feels too simple to be taken seriously but as you play a few rounds, you begin to realise the cat is actually pretty cunning. It is definitely a very interesting distraction and a slightly different approach to puzzles.

The graphic style is very basic, but it does fit in well with the theme and it is very easy on the eye. The overall colour scheme chosen is very fitting and works well with a great choice in the colour pallet. The animation is smooth and I have no complains about the way the game looks or feels overall as it is functional and fun.

Chat Noir SS04

Although Chat Noir does lack music and sound, I feel audio would add little extra to this fantastic little game due to the short nature of the games.

Average play time – 2 minutes

It is funny, this is the first game that I have not been able to find the developer for. I stumbled across it on but it did not offer up any mention of the developers name or any contact details. The whole game seems shrouded in a mystery. Though I assume the developer was French due to the title but I don’t really know much else. Chat Noir can be played here, the developer however is a mystery to me….

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