Indie Intermission Week 3 – Sunday Round Up

Indie Intermission Week 3
Indie Intermission Week 3

It has yet again been a great week, really finding more and more quality titles to wile away the day. This week I have dropped the days down to five, I feel just publishing these games over the working week is a much better idea as they are intended to be a break from work. This week has had quite the selection from LD24 entries to new games on Desura and even the occasional demo thrown in. Again if you want to read the full article on the game click the title, if you want to be linked to the game click the picture. So without any further stalling this is the week in round up.

Day 13 – ‘Fantasy Map Tactics’

Fantasy map tactics SS01

Fantasy Map Tactics is a great little turn based strategy styled game from the mind of Chris Kaitila and although plays on the Ludum Dare theme of evolution very lightly the overall gameplay is good fun. I did find the game personally a little easy however I guess it will depend greatly on how well versed you actually are on puzzle and strategy games to factor in how difficult the gameplay actually is. The gameplay is however solid and well worth a go and a promising title, I hope for more turn based strategy games like this in the future.

Day 14 – ‘Minisk, You Will’

minisk splash

Great little title by Robert Shenton, created for the last Ludum Dare competition on the subject of “tiny worlds”. Minisk, You Will has a great graphics styling and interesting fun gameplay with great physic on the arrows. Minisk, You Will is a wave defence game in which you have to protect your world from the waves exploiting the resources, giving a much more deeper meaning to this little title.

Day 15- ‘Commit Point Five’

 commit SS03

A great title title taking influence from Geometry wars 2 and hell this is a great game to take influence from. In Commit Point Five you play a sort of king of the hill in a bullet hell platform, with each level requiring ever more commitment to complete with the addition of increasingly more difficult enemies, unlock circles and death circles this game really ramps up in difficult. For anyone a fan of these style of arcade shooters this game is great fun and well worth the time. From Daniel Twomey.

Day 16- ‘Qbeh’


Is a really interesting take on puzzle platformers in this beautifully crafted 3D environment. The style has taken a lot of influence from Minecraft in the block nature of it, however the graphics styling is much more higher quality. Although a very short game it is well worth a playthrough as it makes for a fun and interesting take on the puzzle platformer genre in general and is the first game from Liquid Flower Games.

Day 17- ‘Woodle Tree’

 Woodle Tree SS01

One of the most adorable games I have ever came across with a lot of great throw backs to the classic 90′s era of platformers. Woodle Tree is a game from  Ferrara Fabio  although still in production this demo showcases some really nice levels full of awesome throwbacks to the old day platformers. For a demo it is fairly substantial and moving around this beautifully crafted world feels like a pleasure.

So this concludes yet another week, showing some great little titles ranged from turn based strategy too platformers and really what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then just playing video games. Join me tomorrow for the start of a new week looking at new titles, again like this week it will only consist of articles published over the working week.

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