Indie Intermission Week 5 – LD24 Winners Sunday Round Up

indie intermission week 5 LD24 round up
indie intermission week 5 LD24 round up

This week I have been running down all the winners from the latest Ludum Dare. This week has seen many great games from the jam all of which have some great themes and ideas. The sheer volume of great content in the jam is always good to see and although there can only be one winner everyone who took part should be happy with the results. As always the title will link to the post and the image will like to the game.

Day 23 – X-0ut – Winner

LD24 X0ut ss01

A great space shooter that really brings back the old styled genre. Great retro gameplay with awesome music over the top. It has a very interesting evolution style that allows you to survive by increased damage and survivability. It is a fantastic fusion of retro with modern with great score attack gameplay making this a worthy winner.

Day 24 – Super Clew Land – Second place

super clew land title

A fantastic retro game that goes back to the golden age of Mario on the SNES, with fantastic colours and great sound effects this title is a very cute and fun little game. The evolution theme has been implemented in a very interesting way, using a mini game to create the correct protein blocks to evolve. It all works together very well as you evolve you can unlock new areas and eat new food to evolve. Very fun platformer that is a great vision of all the things that I have loved about the platform genre.


Day 25 – Death Death Evolution – Third place

Death Death Evolution Title

Many of games generally use death as a negative, however in Death Death it is often the only way to beat the game. When you die you evolve to try and over come the problem that led to your death in the first place. This is a smart idea and it does make sense really, just it is not seen very often. The gameplay is solid and reminds me a lot of the Lion King one of the classic platforming games of yesteryear, and with a great graphics style overall the game plays great.


Day 26 – Porte Par Le Vent – Forth place

 PorteParLeVent SS01

A very interesting title using checkpoints in this interesting flight simulation. The hardest part is the initial starting point in the school building however it gets easier as the game goes on. I love the way you evolve from a paper plane to an actual one over a series of unique levels. The only thing this game lacks is sound which has totally been missed, but I assume this was to allow for a much greater focus on the overall gameplay and level design. A great title with awesome graphics that really stand out from a lot of the competition.


Day 27 – Psychiatric Evaluation - Fifth place

 psychiatric evaluation ss02

A great journey through the ages of gaming starting in the great text based exploring world and evolving past the ASCII to actual graphics, the gameplay is very well thought out indeed. The puzzles are also great often requiring a lot of thought to complete and changing between the game modes. Although not a really long game the gameplay it offers is very fun and a unique experience.


This Ludum Dare has been filled with many great titles yet again and I am greatly looking forward to the challenge new month before the next Ludum Dare in December. If the last jam is anything to go by the future events will contain even great titles. I will be bring you an all new series of coffee break games to get you through the day starting 12 noon tomorrow.

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