Indie Intermission – ‘Zaboodles’ One Small Jump For Man

Zaboodles Splash
Zaboodles - Toxic Balloons

This week has already seen a rather strange and varied bunch of games getting posted here and today really is not exception. For I bring you the very colourful and lovingly designed Zaboodles.

Originally created for Experimental Gameplay 5-Button Challenge in which participates physically jumped from button to button. After reaching the final Daniel Firsht and Kurt Waldowski decided to further develop Zaboodles into a the finished product. A well polished but strange arcade game that is a whole lot of fun. Check out the trailer below:

The gameplay really is as bizarre as the title. As you jump between the five points avoiding the incoming hail of enemies trying to rain on your parade. Zaboodles also contains a power up system which allows you to combat these hazards in various ways and of course rack up highscores.

For a free game the art and design in the game really is fantastic. Using a very vivid colour palette Zaboodles will entrance you with its colourful show from start to finish. The animation also plays out fantastically smooth with nice music and audio thrown over the top to really complete this very fun and interesting game.

As you would expect from an arcade styled game Zaboodles is a game that gets rapidly more difficult and although has the potential to go on for quite long stints you will be hard pressed in reaching these latter levels.

Zaboodles - Toxic Balloons


Average play time – 15 minutes

If you’re a fan of arcade styled games but really are looking for something a little different than Zaboodles is definitely worth your time. It merges addictive arcade styled gameplay with a new interesting take that turns out to be rather fun indeed.

With a great deal of variety and a lot to unlock you can potentially spend hours on this game. However the arcade style allows you to also just pick it up for a few moments and still get a great deal of enjoyment. It’s partly for this reason I imagine Zaboodles being a perfect fit for the mobile platform along with the control method lending itself to touch screen fantastically.

Pick up Zaboodles from the official site here, it is a fantastic way to past sometime and was created by the highly talented team of Daniel Firsht and Kurt Waldowski.

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