Indie Links Round-Up: A Lonely Road


Steam Greenlight, PlayStation Mobile, and Gary Gygax. Okay, so one of those things is not like the others, but they’re all still subjects of today’s Indie Links.

This Might Be Steam Greenlight’s Biggest Problem (Gamasutra)
“Greenlight is a potential game changer for digital distribution platforms, because it relies heavily on the community. Steam users will be able to submit both released and in-development games to Greenlight, filling their Greenlight game page with trailers, info, screenshots, system requirements and links to press coverage… But while the hype for the upcoming initiative is palpable, there’s one element that is quietly being discussed among indies — with an expected influx of Greenlight candidates, how exactly is Greenlight going to handle discoverability?”

Q&A: Martin Stig Andersen On Limbo’s Soundtrack (IndieGames)
Martin Stig Andersen‘s soundscape for Limbo received the Interactive Achievement Award for sound design from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Recently released for Mac and PC, Limbo Special Edition comes bundled with a boy sticker, seven original art cards, 3D glasses and the award-winning soundtrack. We had the chance to meet with the sound designer, together with French-language news site Musica Ludi, to hear about the process behind Playdead studio’s independently funded game titles.”

Preview: Fighting Is Magic (TIGSource)
My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is a fighting fan game that’s currently under development. Created using 2d Fighter Maker 2002, MLP:FIM will eventually feature 17 ponies from the popular animated show. Each character has its own unique movelist that includes launchers and special magic attacks. The developers have said the game, which uses four buttons, most closely resembles Marvel vs. Capcom in design.”

Will PlayStation Mobile Be Xbox Live Indie Games All Over Again? (Gamasutra)
“Back when Sony’s PlayStation Suite was first detailed, it quickly became clear that it had quite the resemblance to a certain other digital platform — one that has its share of, ahem, problems.”

Gary Gygax: The Father Of Games Design (GamesIndustry International)
“‘So how do I become a games designer?’ is a question I often get asked as I engage with students and gamers in my work. The reply I often give is simple, ‘Shutdown your PC, switch off your tablet, turn your phone to silent then get hold of a copy of Dungeons & Dragons‘. Of course I don’t mean the various video game versions (great as many of them are) and I don’t mean the recent Facebook game (which is also fun). I mean the original rule book plus some pens, paper and loads of dice (don’t forget those d20s!). Then, Level 1 Magic User, you will be ready to begin your journey…”

Preview: Drox Operative (Soldak Entertainment) (IndieGames)
“Building on their experience with Diablo-esque action RPGs Soldak Entertainment is currently adding the finishing touches to Drox Operative; a most ambitious sci-fi RPG, that shockingly does at certain points actually play a bit like Diablo. Or at least that’s how I felt while giving its preview beta a thorough try.”

Modders Making Multiplayer Slender: Source (Shacknews)
“The creepy indie game Slender is getting a Source-based facelift, complete with multiplayer. A modding team has taken it upon themselves to make Slender: Source, a revised version of the original with prettier visuals. The game is still in a rough phase right now, but the promises are intriguing.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week Of July 27 (Zeboyd Games)
“Scoreboard time! Ouya has raised another $400k+ in the past week and is now at $5.6 million with 12 days left. The Penny Arcade kickstarter has raised $35k in the past week and is now at $378k with 18 days left. The Defense Grid kickstarter has raised another $30k and is up to $162k (goal of $250k) with 17 days left. 3D Dictionary finished up with $28k ($12k goal). Shadowrun Online is up to $178k ($500k goal) with 17 days left. Spacechem is up to $5k+ with 66 hours left. And the Ninostarter still hasn’t reached its first goal.”

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