Indie Links Round-Up: A Series Of Tubes


In today’s Indie Links, you can read about not only Indie Game: The Movie, but also a lot of the kind of indie games that the movie is about.

Follow-Up: Skulls of The Shogun’s Win 8 Debate (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Today’s Big Noisy Fight is the matter of appealing zombie-samurai TBS Skulls of the Shogun controversially restricting its PC version to Windows 8. Following the (probably inevitable) unhappiness in comments, Borut Pfiefer of dev 17-BIT Studios followed-up on his reasoning for exclusively tying Skulls’ flag to Microsoft’s latest mast. Specifically, that it’s apparently to do with getting at least some kind of PC version out at the same time as the Xbox version. There’ve been a few conspiracy theories flying around, so let’s see if this changes things any.”

E3 2012: Moonlighters – Grandia Meets The Heist Movie (Hookshot Inc.)
“Sometimes the best game ideas come out of the unlikely collision of disparate genres. Indeed, the creative directors at Sony Worldwide Studios have a little excercise they carry out while brainstorming new ideas – they’ll put a bunch of game names into a bag, pull out two, then hammer out a design concept that combines both.  I’m not sure if that’s how Teddy Diefenbach, a game design student at the University of Southern California’s famed Interactive Media Division, came up with Moonlighters, but it’s certainly conceivable. Set amid the glamour and sophistication of the ’50s (we’re think Las Vegas and LA rather than austerity Britain), the title effectively combines the heist movie,the stealth shooter and the Japanese RPG into one adventure experience.”

E3 2012: Dyad – WipeOut Meets Rez In The Large Hadron Collider (Hookshot Inc.)
“Dyad, a forthcoming racing/ puzzle game from PSN was one of the most arresting games at Sony’s E3 booth last week. One-man creator Shawn McGrath has been working on the project for the best part of four years, and as the game approaches the finish line it looks to be one of the more interesting digital releases on the PlayStation’s horizon.”

Son of Nor (PixelProspector)
Son of Nor is an upcoming Action RPG (with a 4 player coop mode) about telekinesis, terraforming and magical spells. Move and throw objects around and pile up sand to create barriers, prepare traps, or bury entire buildings. Moreover by combining different magical elements you can create various spell combinations.”

Infographic: The Brainsss Behind An App Store ‘Success’ That Was Probably ‘A Mistake’ (Joystiq)
“The App Store ecosystem works wonderfully for Apple and the people who purchase and play games on their iPads, iPhones and iPods; the same can’t be said for all app developers, Lonely Few’s Rod Green told us today. Green and his partner, Yeong-Hao Han, are out thousands of dollars and at least two years of development time on their iOS debut, Brainsss.”

SpyParty, Game & Wario And The Idea Of Subterfuge (Hookshot Inc.)
“So why have a whole bunch of disparate developers happened across the game design premise of identifying specific characters within a crowd, often with an asymmetrical two-player component? Is there a growing hunger for games that require mastery of real-life social skills? With the increasing graphical fidelity of games, isn’t it about time developers learned to explore the subtle non-verbal elements of human interaction? LA Noire, of course, was a mainstream nod in this direction. Perhaps we’re entering an age in which body language, intuition and emotional intelligence are more important than hand-eye coordination.”

Furthering Important Discussions — Indie Game: The Movie Released (IndieGame)
“After years of work and several awards (including Sundance) under its belt, James Swirsky’s and Lisanne Pajot’s Indie Game: The Movie is finally available to purchase through direct download, on Steam, and on iTunes. The documentary follows Phil Fish (Fez) and Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) as they work towards the release of their games, with some Jon Blow (Braid) interview segments peppered in for added flavor.”

A Grain of Truth (TIGSource)
A Grain of Truth is the latest addition to the Big Old Tree that Dreams games about the story collector Myosotis. With it, the Rudowski brothers have created a condensed point-and-click adventure that’s wonderfully illustrated and scored and has a healthy dose of puzzles. Its map system, which enables warping to previous locations, is also a nice touch. I enjoyed its challenge until the end and look forward to playing through the next dream from the Big Old Tree.”

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