Indie Links Round-Up: Antiquity


Cheap? Then today’s Indie Links may be for you, as they contain links to a number of free games.  There are articles and interviews about some good non-free games, too, though, for you folk with all your fancy money.

Live Free, Play Hard: The Week In Free Indie Games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Presenting the first of a new weekly series, in which Porpentine of the excellent Free Indie Gamestakes us through some of the most splendid, er, free indie games released/discovered over the last few days. You may notice this column is in need of an appropriate title image, a la Bargain Bucket and Sunday Papers – if you fancy creating one, in exchange for IMMORTAL GLORY, please email a 600x250pixel JPG here and we’ll see what we can do.”

Review: Sound Shapes Makes Beautiful Music, Platforming (Ars Technica)
“Music games can generally be divided into two broad categories: games that ask you to take part in making the music, and games where the music drives the gameplay.Sound Shapes straddles the line between those two types of games while layering an incredibly satisfying, abstract take on 2D platform games on top as well.”

Preview: Heaven Variant (TIGSource)
“This is a trailer for an upcoming horizontal shoot ‘em up called Heaven Variant, by the three-man team at Zanrai Interactive. Zanrai has made it clear on their FAQ that the game will not be bullet hell, but nonetheless aims to appease both hardcore and casual players. It currently has no release date.”

Exclusive Interview: Hidden Path’s Jeff Pobst (Tap-Repeatedly)
“Hidden Path Entertainment kickstarted the viability of commercial-grade tower defense games with 2008′s critically acclaimed Defense Grid: the Awakeningand has now turned to Kickstarter to partially fund the development of more Defense Grid - potentially up to the Big Prize, a full sequel.  I electronically buttonholed Jeff Pobst, the CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment, for an exclusive Q&A about the company, the Kickstarter, and the future of Defense Grid.”

The Games Of No More Sweden 2012 (
“The developers from the fourth annual No More Sweden have shared 15 game jam creations and the above presentation, starting with the three audience favorites. First up is Iji developer Daniel Remar with cooperative, three-game collection Bromancing Saga 2 (previously covered).”

Gasketball – Cure For An Olympic Hangover (Hookshot Inc.)
“Gasketball is a game one suspects was named before it was conceived. Sometimes, when a pun pops into your head, an entrepreneurial venture must follow, if only to provide a vehicle with which to share the brilliance of your wordplay. So it is with Gasketball, a game that combines robots and basketball into a future sports take on the puzzle game.”

Kickstarter Katchup – 11th August 2012 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“A very busy week in the Katchup, with a piling of projects succeeding, another pile falling short, and more new additions than ever before. So grab your wallet, empty out the contents, and start throwing it all at your screen.”

What Dear Esther And Minecraft Have In Common (Gamasutra)
“Indie hit Dear Esther is “a bit like story Minecraft,” believes creator Dan Pinchbeck, as the evocative game allows players to imagine their own story, without forcing them into a particular narrative.  As part of his talk at GDC Europe today, Pinchbeck of thechineseroom noted that the abstract and ambiguous first-person exploration game barely gives you any real details about characters and plot, instead allowing the players’ imaginations to run wild.”

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