Indie Links Round-Up: Choose Your Totem


Today’s Indie Links include a run-down of recent indie game award-winners, as well as posts about indie games like Cinders, Home, and Sought.

Have You Bought Sought? (Hookshot Inc.)
“Sought’s a single-player adventure in which you control two different characters. Or maybe it’s a two-player adventure controlled by a single person. No matter: it’s about exploring some dark, randomly-generated environments, and generally being menaced by things. The daughter of the manor lord has done a runner. Go bring her back, eh? Perfect for the middle of June, I reckon.”

Music To My Thumbs: Transcribing Braid (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Gaming is one of the few media without an instructional notation. The other arts have tools to relate concepts into symbols that can be digested at a glance, allowing great detail to be condensed into a conventionalised code. Musicians use musical notation, movie makers – story boards, writers – short hand, linguists – phonetics, and so on. If musicians were stuck with the same methods we use – strategy guides, walkthroughs, and videos – each composition would be an interminably long tome that lost all immediacy and comprehension – “Pluck the G-string on the third fret, then immediately after the A-string on the fourth fret, pause, play the G string again”. The other arts developed their own notation systems, yet we haven’t. Why?”

Move Over, Cinderella. There’s A Replacement For Your 60-Year-Old, Meek Ass. (Kotaku)
“The tale of Cinderella, as most of us know it, is a Disneyfied version. It goes like this: a young woman lives in terrible living circumstances thanks to a wicked step-family, but her innate good nature and attractive looks change her fortune when a prince takes notice. The point of the story is karma, the viewer is meant to think that despite a dire situation, life sees to it that we get what we actually deserve.  Cinders is not that story. Not quite, anyway. Released this week, the atmospheric visual novel by MoaCube focuses on the women of the tale and what made them who they are. The game is about nuance, is about understanding the motivations of another human being.”

Impressions: Wolfire’s Hyper-Realistic Gun Sim, Receiver (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Receiver – Wolfire’s every-aspect-of-a-gun simulating entry in the recent 7DFPS challenge – reminded me all-too-painfully of that day. But, you know, in a mostly good way. And with a twist: I had to bring my horrific lack of firearm know-how, abysmal aim, and woefully non-bulletproof body into an environment full of things that definitely knew what they were doing.”

Congratulations, Indies! Conference and Award Round-Up (IndieGames)
“Congratulations are in order for all those indies who entered in, were nominated or chosen for, and won in various award and conferences announced this week! While we know our readers like to watch and play indie games, we wanted to take the time to tell everyone about some exciting upcoming events and give nods to those were or who will be featured.”

Snapshot: Home (PC) (Joystiq)
Home doesn’t take more than an hour or two to complete – and you’ll have to do so in one sitting, as there is no save system – but that doesn’t mean it won’t have a lasting effect. As a horror-themed adventure game, the simple, pixelated 2D presentation belies Home’s ability to disquiet and unsettle. It serves as a great reminder of what older games once taught us: With a little bit of coaxing, imagination can take you a long way.”

Introducing Evo 2012 Indie Showcase Title: Spy Party. Get Early Access to the Beta! (Shoryuken)
“For the first time this year, Evo will to showcase hot upcoming indie game titles. Today we’re announcing our first title, Spy Party, an asymmetric multiplayer espionage game. Lead designer Chris Hecker describes his motivation for coming to Evo.”

Diluvium (Pixel Prospector)
Diluvium is a strategic typing game with nice b/w visuals in which you send animals onto the battlefield by typing their names. Mission: Destroy the statue of your opponent while defending yours. For example type “Deer” and a deer appears. Whereas “Squid Owl Snake” creates a piled up army of three fearless soldiers. However the game has one restriction: There can only be one of each animal at once on the screen. Before you play the game be sure to check out the wallpaper of all animals for reference.”

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