Indie Links Round-Up: Bad Shrooms


Today’s Indie Links include articles about some games you’re already aware of — like Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac — and some games you need to be aware of — like Sir, You Are Being Hunted and Ether Vapor Remaster.

The Binding of Edmund McMillen (The Secret World)
“It is, to be honest, a very conveniently timed line of thought, given that it’s still stage-diving around in my mind when McMillen – a man who’s brazenly taken on topics other developers would never touch with games such as the extremely explicit female-anatomy shooter The C Word – answers the door. After meeting his wife, Danielle, and petting his hairless cats (yes, just like in the movie), we proceed into his room/workspace. There, surrounded by a mixture of traditional game/comic geek paraphernalia and a life-sized organ-baring model of human anatomy, we talk. About poop.”

Robot News Regarding: Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“So for the past two years I’ve been multi-classing with game dev studio Big Robot, and we’ve been doing some stuff, which we’ve talked about before on RPS. The thing we’re most excited about, though, is what we’re working on right now, which is called Sir, You Are Being Hunted. It is a procedurally-generated first-person, open world game, with some sneaking, some shooting, some tweedpunk adversaries, and plenty of fleeing in terror. We’re now making excellent progress towards something playable, and have a few images to show for it.”

Ether Vapor Remaster (PixelProspector)
Ether Vapor Remaster is an arcade shooter with 2.75D graphics that offers “vertical/horizontal/three-quarter/behind-the-ship scrolling action and cinematic bonus scenes”. Well done!”

Run (TIGSource)
Run, by Chris Whitman (also known to old-time forum folk as “I Like Cake”), is a game that you can play for free or buy. He describes it as an existential horror farming game. The game cycles between three modes of play.”

Spelunky: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
“Sometimes a video game is like a razor blade. Only millimeters thick, yet sharpened to a fine edge sharp enough to draw blood if you’re not paying attention. Once you learn that truth, such a game requires your total attention lest you wind up bleeding a lot.Spelunky comes to the Xbox 360, sharp enough to etch itself into your memory, time and time again. And even though you’ll wind up raw from its rough scrapings of your mind and reflexes, you won’t be able to stop playing.”

Take This Survey On The Motivations of Kickstarter Contributors (IndieGames)
“Gamasutra is conducting a survey to gather information on both those who have and have not contributed to Kickstarter projects, researching the importance and influence of what motivates pledging, the ways contributors help promote projects, and the demographics of potential contributors.”

Level Gaze: Grimrock’s Map Editor Is Looking Fantastic (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Wow. I always thought Legend of Grimrock would be a natural fit for a map editor, but – given that it’s a smaller project in a fairly cutthroat genre – I worried that it’d turn out to be prohibitively complicated for everyone except rocket scientists and RPS readers. Almost Human’s released a video of the almost-complete Dungeon Editor in action, though, and it actually seems tantalizingly intuitive. I mean, it’s no Perpetual Testing Initiative, but you can script some fairly complex stuff in a few clicks and try it out with a single button press. Throughout history, the existence of a cow level has been debatable, but soon, I will craft the snail level. Glistening bodies and chunky tendrils of mucus as far as the eye can see. Oh yes.”

Don’t Be Fooled By Spelunky XBLA’s Quiet Launch (Gamasutra)
“It seems like every other week, another indie developer cites Derek Yu’s indie hit Spelunky as a huge inspiration on their work. The tomb-robbing semi-roguelike was first released in 2009 for Windows PC, and sees players journeying deeper and deeper into the ground, as enemies and traps threaten to permanently kill the hero. 2009 was also the year that Yu revealed Spelunky for Xbox Live Arcade was in the works. Now, two and half years later, the veteran indie developer is on the cusp of releasing this beefed up XBLA version to the public.”

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