Indie Links Round-Up: Dithering


In the games covered in today’s Indie Links, you can control time travelers fighting alongside your own ghosts, a worm with aspirations to become a tree, an alien Amazon who ages the men she mates with, a creature that can be built out of limbs and muscles, or 30 ships on the screen at once… among other things.

Live Free, Die Hard: Ludum Dare 24 Special (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“This week is special. This week is the Ludum Dare edition. Ludum Dare is a massive game design competition where the goal is to make a game from scratch in 48 hours, a pressure cooker of insomnia and brilliance. We also have the Jam variant, where the rules are relaxed a bit and you have 72 hours. Anyone can enter–in fact, many people make their first game in Ludum Dare or one of the monthly MiniLDs.”

Incredibly Stylish Flight Game Luftrausers Coming to PC & Mac, May Cost $5000 (Kotaku)
“Here’s a new trailer for the upcomingLuftrausers, a game based on the very addictive flash game of the same name. The game is developed in conjunction with indie game duo Vlambeer (creators of Super Crate Box & Radical Fishing) and Devolver Digital.”

Super Time Force – Ingenious Game Mechanic, Funny Trailer (Hookshot Inc.)
“We have already written about Super TIME Force, the latest pixelated pleasure bomb from Capybara, but I just wanted to point you right at the latest trailer, which was made for PAX and is really rather funny. In case you accidentally didn’t read Will’s thing on the game, it’s essentially Gunstar Heroes or Contra (depending on your retro references of choice), but with a very clever little mechanic. Your sideways scrolling heroes are time travellers, and when you die, they zap back to the start of the level – and then you play alongside the ghost data of your previous attempt(s). That’s right, every time you die you make the current level a little easier for your next go, because there are your previous selves, blasting away at enemies.”

Xbox Indie Darling Shoot 1UP Finally Makes It To Mobile (Kotaku)
“Back in 2010 when we were first getting to know Windows Phone 7, indie developer Mommy’s Best Games demonstrated the platform’s power with a mobile version of its unique Xbox Live Indie bullet-hell shooter, Shoot 1UP. Two years later…”

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe (PixelProspector)
Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe is the upcoming sequel to the awesome arcade game Super Puzzle Platformer.”

I Spy A New Look For Spy Party (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Hecker told Joystiq that ‘We really wanted the art style to reflect the same level of subtlety that the gameplay has. I didn’t want it to be too realistic or too exaggerated, and I think we hit it on this really nice, call it naturalistic or illustrative – they look like illustrations. I’m super excited.’ He’s adamant that the new look shouldn’t/won’t affect the game outside of aesthetics, however.”

Preview: Incredipede (TIGSource)
“This is a new trailer for Colin and Sarah Northway’s Incredipede, which features artwork by Thomas Shahan. Slated for a late October release, Incredipede is a physics-based platformer where you control Quozzle, a little creature that can be built and rebuilt using jointed limbs and muscles. According to the game’s website, it will come with 60 levels and a level editor.”

A Brief History Of Garry’s Mod: Community Contraptions (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“According to Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman: ‘There’s so much stuff going on in GMod that it’s hard to pull out individual addons. I think the real great thing about GMod is that all these addons exist. It has a rich user contribution community. It keeps itself entertained.’ It really is impossible to cover everything that the GMod community has made. I tried and gave up, instead creating an inexhaustive list of amazing things that have tickled me over the years as an on-and-off GModder. So this list includes my choices with a couple of Garry’s mixed in.”

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