Indie Links Round-Up: Enjoy The Scenery


Today’s Indie Links are chock full of interviews with indie developers.  Also, a meditation on art versus nature.

An Exploration Game Helped Me Realize Why Nature Kind of Sucks (Kotaku)
“I stop and looked out, but all I could see were trees obscuring the city underneath.  When I have an attitude like that, it’s a wonder that Proteus struck a chord with me—it is a game that is about about the exploration of an island. That’s it. No plot, no story, no characters, no achievements, no mechanic beyond ‘walk.’”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Ballin (Joystiq)
Ballin is a challenging, charming physics-puzzle game. The main character, the ball, is trapped in Block World, and must escape. You advance through the game by reaching the portal keys in each stage, but you can’t control the ball directly. You must move around the stage by altering the pull of gravity itself.”

Sir, You Are Being Hunted: The Interview (
“Jim Rossignol, esteemed editor of Rock Paper Shotgun and one of the gentlemen running indie dev studio Big Robot, has kindly agreed to chat about Sir, You Are Being Hunted and the forthcoming tweedpunk revolution. ”

Fez, music and design: a chat with Disasterpeace (Hookshot Inc.)
“Now, a deeper kinship is forming. A new generation of musically gifted game designers has emerged, and audio is becoming part of the construction toolkit. I’ve just written a feature on the subject for The Guardian, and while researching it, I got some questions to several of the most interesting and talented game musicians working in the contemporary industry – including Disaterspeace, who penned the beautiful soundtrack to Fez.”

Indie Royale Raises $25,000 for Worthy Causes with ‘All-Charity Pack’ (
“The IndieGames co-created site Indie Royale has revealed that its latest PC gaming bundle, the ‘All-Charity Pack’, raised over $25,000 for charities hand-picked by independent developers.  The bundle’s generous developers each hand-picked a charity that a share of proceeds would be donated to, withOsmos developer Hemisphere Games choosing UNICEF’s Haiti aid, andBlueberry Garden creator Erik Svedang picking the vital human rights work from Amnesty International

PC Powerplay Article (Indie DB)
“We were recently interviewed by Daniel from PC Powerplay magazine and ended up with this article discussing alternate funding methods for indie developers.”

Dreadline Dev Plays With Gallows Humor (
“When Eerie Canal, a new independent studio formed by veterans from Harmonix and Irrational, announced its first game Dreadline, the developer conceded it was a risky concept that likely no big game publisher would touch.  Set to release early next year, the RPG/real-time-strategy PC game tasks players with controlling a squad of time-travelling monsters as they crash into historical calamities (e.g. sinking of the Titanic), and slaughter mobs of people already doomed to die. It’s a speedrun-focused title, too, and will presumably reward players who kill efficiently.”

The Journey Down HD Interview (
“The Journey Down by the talented people over at SkyGoblin has reminded us just how stunning a 2D adventure game can look and that pixel-art isn’t the only way available to indie developers.”

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