Indie Links Round-Up: In The Clouds

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Today’s Indie Links include a fan-game based on a classic action figure line, a game patterned after some of the most beloved games of the SNES, and plenty more.

The Indie Game Section Of Comic-Con, Conveniently Located Near The Cookie Stand (Kotaku)
“On a rinky dink table near the expensive Mrs. Fields kiosks stands Nader Parvini, Exploding Rabbit’s unofficial PR person, offering free demos of Super Mario Bros. Crossover to anyone interested. He told me about upcoming additions to the free game, soon to be running on Unity, including a super-secret Zelda II skin coming soon to the retro crossover title.”

Seedling Is Zelda: Link To The Past In Your Browser (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Wow. I just spent an hour with Seedling, an incredibly overt love letter to SNES-era Zelda games that just sprouted up on Newgrounds, and it’s a pint-sized wonder. To call it a Zelda clone would be unfair, because “clone” immediately brings to mind notions of soulless piggybacking, and that couldn’t be further from the truth here. This brilliant little freebie has its own meticulously crafted world, mythology, soundtrack, sense of humor, and – at least from what I’ve played – emphasis on hands-off exploration that captures the spirit of Nintendo classics just so. And that’s something even Nintendo arguably has trouble doing these days. Go play it, or – if you must – read a few more thoughts of mine after the break.”

Introducing Hello Games (Eurogames)
“The four of us were looking at our PR photo. That first image the world would see of Hello Games, our videogames start-up. I think we were supposed to be walking nonchalantly through a park – or at least, that’s what we thought we had done.”

Sockman (PixelProspector)
Sockman is a challenging single screen platformer with low res graphics. Collect green pixels, avoid spikes and enemies and reach the exit in each stage. Moreover be sure to listen to the really good Mr. Sockman song from the trailer.”

The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday 3 (IndieGames)
“Leading off this week’s ScreenshotSaturday selections, Lone Survivor developer Jasper Byrne is working on something too new to describe in words. However, it appears to be a first-person title that uses the RGB color model. The green entity looks rather spooky.”

This Fan-Made Game Might Be The Best G.I. Joe Game Of All Time (Kotaku)
“This was completed sometime back in early spring, but only yesterday became known to the public at large: It’s Attack on Cobra Island, a fan-made G.I. Joe video game that shows a lot more effort and love than previous check-cashing G.I. Joe adaptations.”

Cactus Goes Commercial: How One Indie Moved Beyond His Freeware Roots (Gamasutra)
“Jonatan Soderstrom has made an unusual reputation for himself among independent game developers. More often known as “Cactus,” the Swedish developer has created dozens of games, yet he’s never sold a single copy. Until now, his experimental freeware titles have defined his career as a game designer.”

Absent Heroes: Choose Your Own Interview II (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“I had a sweet time making the last Choose Your Own Interview, so this time I collaborated with long time Interactive Fiction heroes Adam Cadre, Emily Short and Andrew Plotkin to make you something special. The following is a heady mix of RPS fanfic, Interactive Fiction love letter, and slight autobiographical tendencies. Your secret content this time comes courtesy of a guest appearance by someone we all know and love. Enjoy, and keep me updated on your own adventures in text. Now let’s get really drunk. There must be a bar around here somewhere?”

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