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Some of the themes in today’s Indie Links include text adventure games (yes, there are still companies that sell them commercially), sports (with a whole competition devoted to them), and games for everyone (well, one game designer talks about that, but really that could epitomize Indie Links as a whole).

Gimme Indie Game: The Igneous Insanity Of Denki’s Save The Day (Venus Patrol)
“A late contender for web game of the year squeaking in under the wire, but with an amazingly strong showing, comes Save The Day, from Scottish indies Denki, who you may recall as the creators of the fantastic strategy word game Quarrel (previously profiled here in 2009 and released this year for both XBLA and iOS), or even further back with the under-sung Game Boy Advance gem Go! Go! Beckham! (which is so much better than any David Beckham-license game has any right to be).”

A Quick Glance At Modern Commercial Interactive Fiction (Independent Gaming)
“There was once a time, years and years ago, when you could go to a store that sold video games and you could grab a IF game (text adventure) or two off the shelves. A lot of those games were made by Infocom and some of those games sold like wildfire. That doesn’t happen anymore and I predict it won’t happen ever again (as much as it would be cool to see). They fell a bit out of favour when graphics-heavy games started to appear. However, indie devs thrive on the internet, and in hidden places, commercial IF developers emerge from the shadows.”

Natural Selection 2: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
Natural Selection 2 is the first ever game I’ve enjoyed watching more than I’ve enjoyed playing. If that sounds like an insult, it’s certainly not intended as one. Rather, read it as perhaps one of the highest compliments I could give. Natural Selection 2 is good stuff—but playing it is only half its purpose.”

Spunk & Moxie (PixelProspector)
Spunk And Moxie is a fast paced precision-based platformer (with one button controls) that looks very polished and fun.”

TIGSource Devlog: Dom2D’s Visual Showcase Of Awesome New Games, Issue #6 (Venus Patrol)
“A new game making competition has begun on the TIGSource forums and the theme is SPORTS! Don’t expect the usual football and hockey games from indie developers though! A month from now, we will be playing a crazy series of sports games, from the hyperviolent (Dodgefist, By the Law of Blades) to the hilarious (Limbolympic).”

Journey: An Evening With Robin Hunicke (Crikey)
“Watching Robin Hunicke play Journey—the videogame she worked on at thatgamecompany—at ACMI last week was a revelation. It was, in more ways than one, a moment to find your place in the universe.”

Indie French Game Collective One Life Remains Ventures From The Experimental To The Commercial (Polygon)
One Life Remains is a name that people within the French gaming community would not associate with commercial games. The independent game development collective has created games that have appeared in theaters and galleries. They’ve built strange arcade-like contraptions to play their experimental games. They’ve explored the concept of play as performance. They’ve never followed traditional game development conventions. They’ve never been one to follow the rules.”

Kickstarter Katchup – 10th November 2012 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“The mechanised middle class march onward, beating the bushes and scouring the horizon for fresh prey. Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been funded and is the only winner this week. In other news, Elite has a new logo, wrestling attempts to set up its squared circle on the PC and some promising projects stumble and stall. It’s another week without losers, but there are lots of slow movers. Also, be aware that newcomers are at the top of the ‘Players’ column so there is some mingling of dollars and pounds. Always check which currency your pledges would be in.”

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