Indie Links Round-Up: Move Out!


In the games explored in today’s Indie Links, you can explore a house, navigate environments created by music, or just have lots of sex if that’s what you’re into. Hey, we won’t judge you.

Mercenary Kings (PixelProspector)
Mercenary Kings is the upcoming platform shooter by the creators of Wizorb that shares similarities with the Metal Slug series.”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Beatbuddy (Joystiq)
Beatbuddy is an action-adventure that takes you into the world of a song. You take control of our main character Beatbuddy and navigate him through levels where everything you see, the enemies and challenges you encounter, are synched to the music and rhythm of the individual tracks that make up a particular song, which you can manipulate and basically re-mix through your interactions.”

VVVVVV’s Cavanagh On His Quest To Become Activision (Also: Super Hexagon) (Hookshot Inc.)
“Super Hexagon is very close to completion now – I sent the beta out to some friends for feedback a few weeks ago, and right now I’m working through that, and trying to polish some of the game’s rough edges. Once that’s done, I’m going to start thinking about how to release it, hopefully very soon.”

The “British STALKER” Continues to Look Fabulous in Tweed (Kotaku)
“In case you’re just joining usSir, You Are Being Hunted is an upcoming indie game that promises to be ‘a procedurally-generated first-person, open world game, with some sneaking, some shooting, some tweedpunk adversaries, and plenty of fleeing in terror.’”

NSFW Free Indie Games Spotlight: Polymorphous Perversity (Calunio) (IndieGames)
“Calunio’s turn-based sex-RPG Polymorphous Perversity is finally available, for those who want a quest to explore unknown lands, meet strange people, and sample slices of sexuality.”

Spelunky Review: Obtainer Of Rare Antiquities, Giver Of Aneurysms (Joystiq)
Spelunky, an Xbox Live Arcade revamp of a free PC indie game, straddles the line between insurmountable addiction and a precise extractor of self-hatred. Like other rare indie gems, such as Metanet’s N series, Spelunky is equal parts diabolical and ingenious.”

What Uplink Really Made Me Think Of (Book of Justice)
“A key element once you get past the early stages of Uplink is deleting logs – you bounce your connection from place to place before connecting to a target system, and a passive trace can follow this breadcrumb trail. What it means is you have this moment of tremendous excitement during a hack, where you’re playing chicken with the clock, before the disconnect and an immediate urge to delete the trail back.”

Ain’t No Mystery: Fullbright Talks Gone Home (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Gone Home is to be the first game from The Fullbright Company, a new indie studio whose formerly mainstream members were previously the prime creators of the excellent BioShock 2 add-on Minerva’s Den, as well as working on assorted other 2K projects. I had a chat with Mr Fullbright himself, Steve Gaynor, about their highly intriguing but equally mysterious non-combat first-person game. Why ditch the guns? Why leave cushty industry jobs to do this? How abstract will it be? How much can the physics be abused? I also made some sweeping generalisations about Columbo.

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