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Today’s Indie Links include an in-depth look at the making of the popular indie puzzle platformer Limboas well as not quite as in-depth looks at other indie games like Colour Bind, McPixelSamurai GunnSnake Squad, and, uh… Ovary Overload?

The Making Of: Limbo (Edge)
“At the time, the future creator of Limbo was living on a farm in Jutland. ‘My parents weren’t farmers,’ he explains, ‘but they had a small farm with a lot of animals for fun.’ Little Arnt, shy and quiet, used to like wandering off into the nearby woods. He’d spend hours following the stream that ran between the trees, often dropping strange insects and leaves into it and following them as the current swept them downstream. ‘I always had this thing for small animals and parasites – I hated them, even as a child,’ he remembers.”

Eyes On The Prize: Proteus, Joust, Fez Nominated For 2012 GameCity Award (Venus Patrol)
“Now in its second year, the GameCity Prize is meant to do for the videogame world what British institution Tate does for the art world with their Turner Prize, by choosing a shortlist of “the most brilliant, interesting and meaningful” games from the prior year and having them judged by “cultural commentators” from outside the games industry — to give the broader world a perspective on what’s happening in games somewhat underneath the surface.”

Atari Arcade Remake Black Widow Released For Free (IndieGames)
“Often compared to Robotron: 2084, Black Widow is a twin-stick arena shooter that released in 1982 as an Atari arcade game and is now a Sokurah (Søren Borgquist) remake. Most notably, the 2012 version has glowing vector graphics that players can toggle on or off.”

Wot I Think: McPixel (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“While playing serious, “important” games, running a business, and chasing after the naughty, I count it as pure joy that there are the McPixels to play too. This absolutely ludicrous, completely unfair, and utterly daft game has the internal consistency of a Liberal Democrat politician. And I love it.”

Play This: ‘Snake Squad’ (The Verge)
“Even for a flash-based in-browser game, Snake Squad is thin on plot details, but it makes up for it with a clever gameplay style that belies its simplicity. As with any good flash game, the controls are dead-simple: use your mouse or the WASD keys to move your tiny cartoon soldier across a bloody battlefield and avoid incoming attacks. The game handles all shooting and aiming for you — you just need to avoid the rapidly-increasing hail of bullet-fire from your enemies. That ongoing, never-ending hail of bullets makes the game feel like a cross between Contra and Asteroids — if you don’t keep moving at all times, you’re a dead man.”

Venus Patrol Presents: 10 Minutes More Of Teknopants’ Samurai Gunn (Venus Patrol)
“My original writeup on Teknopants’ brilliant upcoming brawler Samurai Gunn managed to drum up quite a bit of the attention it so richly deserves, with a number of people commenting that they very much wanted more video. And so, presented here is ten-ish more minutes of the other matches held at the game’s first ever official tournament at this year’s Fantastic Arcade.”

New XBox Live Indie Games For Week Ending October 5, 2012 (indiePub)
“Conception seems to be a popular game idea but there is a little twist with Ovary Overload this week. Best bets this week include: Risk Rescue, an alien platformer game; Ovary Overload, an action adventure game where you take on the role as an egg cell; and Caterpillar Capers, similar to the classic snake game.”

Impressions: Colour Bind (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“I am sure I’m not very good at Colour Bind. But Colour Bind is definitely very good at me. This puzzle platformer is as tough to describe as it is to play, challenging you to drive a two-wheeled, invertible vehicle, capable of increasing its size in order to bounce itself around. But driving that flippable car-thing in a world where the direction in which gravity pulls an object is defined by its colour. Got that? No, nor me, and I’ve been playing it.”

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