Indie Links Round-Up: Purple Run


Today’s Indie Links talk about the indie fund, violence in video games, and what goes into making a co-op puzzle game.

Basketbelle Review (TruePCGaming)
“Half game, half art piece.  More art piece than game, really.  Basketbelle is probably not the kind of thing that die-hard gamers will want to play. Those who are interested in a sweet tale of brotherly love, however, would do well to throw a few dollars at Michael Molinari because this is an experience worth having.”

War On Geometry: Super Hexagon Coming To PC (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“With his new iOS game, Super Hexagon, I’ve just realised that Terry “VVVVVV” Cavanagh has a plan, and it’s to achieve immortality through drinking the tears of broken souls, bent over electronic torture devices screaming his name in fear and fury. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. Super Hexagon will be coming out on PC. You will hate him too. Hate. There’s a trailer after the jump. Hate.”

The Lawless Online – Funding Campaign For A FREE Multiplayer Role-Playing Strategy Game (I-Luv-Games)
“With all of the funding campaigns going on these days for indie games, and video games in general, it’s hard to know where to start looking or which games to start funding…  You probably want to support a game that you’d like to see finished with the kind of spit and polish that attracts gamers based on how much fun they could actually be.  When it comes to this type of campaign, with proper funding and public support, these games can become a reality. The Lawless Online is one such game that deserves some attention. ”

Dust: An Elysian Tail For XBLA – An Indie Game Review (Indie Game Reviewer)
“Dust. Not to be confused with From Dust or Dust 512, but Dust: An Elysian Tale, an indie ‘Metroidvania’ action platformer from the work of one man – Dean Dodrill, a pro cel animator who worked on the game for almost as long as Phil Fish did onFez (four years in this case), minus all the press hullabaloo and troll-baiting Fish endured (though DAET did win the Dream.Build.Play competition in 2009). That is, if you don’t also count the voice actors and Northern Ireland based music team,HyperDuck Soundworks, who are also quite ingrained in the indie gaming scene these days (A.R.E.S: Extinction AgendaMama & Son: Clean House and many others).”

Wooden Sen’SeY Review (Epic Brew)
“Upperbyte’s Wooden Sen’SeY is set to launch tomorrow. I got my hands on a preview copy of Wooden Sen’SeY and spent some time playing through the game. For this review, I played through five of the nine levels.”

On Ultraviolence In Games And The Lessons Of Porn (What Games Are)
“The gaming sphere (myself included) debated about whether E3 had gone too far and had the ultraviolent kinds of game on show were representative of games any more. Many a journalist reflected on their personal feelings of depression in the wake of the show, thinking that for all the high talk games had not really moved on. All fair points, but studios go to the extreme like that for a reason.”

Indie-Ana Co-Op and the Dev Stories – You Have to Learn to Work Together (Co-Optimus)
“Puzzles aren’t cooperative. That’s what I was told. You don’t see teams of people solving Rubik’s cubes, and you don’t see a cooperative mode in Braid (this was also before Portal 2). Cooperation was for killing terrorists, aliens, and zombies. Solving a complex puzzle is a solitary thing which requires concentration. Cooperation would just be annoying, adding a hindrance. I was also told puzzle games don’t need stories. I decided mine was going to have both, because it’s my damn game, and that’s pretty much the beauty of being an indie dev.”

Extra Credits Indie Fund Thoughts (Extra Credits)
“This has been weighing on me for some time, I’ve wanted to update you guys more frequently about the indie fund; I just have been barely staying on the bull that is my life.  Between EC, teaching, my business, trying to get out to every conference I can in order to talk about education and trying to get out to every college that wants me I’ve just been wearing a little thin, but here it goes.”

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