Indie Links Round-Up: Ride The Tiger


Along with the usual articles about indie games – this time around including platformers, RPGs, adventure games, and a game that reacts to the readings of a real heart sensor – today’s Indie Links include a discussion of the indie game development subculture.

Tiger Style’s Waking Mars ‘Director’s Cut’ Adds Voice-Acting, More For PC/Mac Release (Venus Patrol)
“Here’s the lede buried in that last post: alongside the new Android release of Waking Mars, Austin indies Tiger Style have also launched a brand new and greatly enhanced Windows, Mac and Linux version of the game. The new version (which has also just gone live on the App Store as a ‘Director’s Cut’ update) smooths over some of the rough patches on the the original iOS release, and adds full, professionally acted voice work to the game’s cut scenes.”

J.S. Joust, Hokra, Pole Riders, And BaraBariBall Unite As ‘Sportsfriends’ On PS3 And Computers (Joystiq)
Johann Sebastian Joust, the game of dueling Move controllers you may have seen at industry events, is officially coming to the PlayStation 3 and computers. And it’s bringing friends. Sportsfriends is a collection of four indie games that all share a focus on local multiplayer and a capacity to draw crowds of spectators. Producer Doug Wilson, who also created J.S. Joust, told Joystiq he thinks of the downloadable collection as ‘a 21st-century reincarnation of Summer Games.’ Accordingly, it’ll be released in ‘Summer/Fall 2013.’”

Do Indie Game Developers Actually Have A Subculture Of Their Own? (IndieGames)
“Well, Thrash Lab and the video posted above do seem to think so despite my strong objections. A subculture, you see, would imply a common set of beliefs, ideologies, lifestyles, themes and maybe even work ethics, but I do digress. This mini documentary shot at the 2012 Indiecade Festival is expertly done, manages to show off the wild variety of genres and ideas of the indie world and is definitely worth watching; maybe even having one of those Halo-minded friends of yours watch it too.”

Kickstart This: Sui Generis (TIGSource)
Sui Generis is the name of a new RPG from Bare Mettle Entertainment. Well, it’s really just a tech demo at this point, but the engine and toolset behind it look extremely promising, offering powerful physics simulation and impressive procedurally-generated terrain at the click of a button. Combat is also physics-based and while it currently looks quite wobbly (drunken is perhaps more accurate), it looks like great fun, too.”

Wot A Lot Of Jottobots (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Whatever you’re planning to do tonight – perhaps the cinema, theatre or a booze-pit – there’s a possibility that at some point tomorrow you’ll decide you want to play a game. Hopefully not in the way that the tricycling toy from Saw plays games, but instead by sitting in front of your computer and pressing buttons to make things happen on the screen. If you also have your nation’s equivalent of an American dollar handy, you’ll be able to buy Kyle Pulver’s latest release, following Snapshot. The new game is actually an older project made for artxgame, which pairs indie developers with artists. You can see it below.”

Dust: An Elysian Tail Composers Working On Sound Design For Mojang’s Scrolls (Polygon)
Scrolls, the upcoming strategy title from Minecraft developer Mojang, will feature sound design from HyperDuck SoundWorks, the composers behind this year’s indie XBLA action-platformer, Dust: An Elysian Tail. The musical studio revealed the partnership on its official site, stating, ‘We’re happy that we can announce we’ll be doing all the sound design for Mojang’s Scrolls and couldn’t be more chuffed to be a part of their team for this awesome video game adventure!’”

Indie Pleas: Indie Game Crowd Funding Roundup For November 9, 2012 (indiePub)
“This week’s Indie Pleas include: Elite: Dangerous, an amazing space game with graphic visuals, incredible gameplay, breath-taking scope and the opportunity to play with your friends; Interstellar Marines, an unique game that blends tactical co-op, progressive role-playing and nonlinear gameplay; Circus of Light, a hand-drawn game based on a unique circus; and 3X3, a game that combines a reality TV series with a video game.”

Slick (Second Chance With The Chick) (Indie Gamer Chick)
“It’s been a while since I did one of these.  I really wish developers would take me up on the Second Chance with the Chick offer more often.  I know a lot of games I bust on here get patched up later, but developers are gun-shy about having me ‘go after’ their games again.  Even if Second Chances are typically lighter and focus on the changes to the game, with less emphasis on smacking games down.  Or sometimes they patch the game and expect me to just Second Chance it on my own.  I don’t keep track of what games have been patched ( has a sidebar that lets you know what games have been updated).  It’s up to developers to let me know.  And then just wait while I drag my feet to write the review.  Speaking of which, hi there Halcyon Softworks!  I didn’t forget you!”

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