Indie Links Round-Up: Robot Rumble


Today’s Indie Links cover a game that was a huge success for its developers on XBLIG, and a game on iOS that wasn’t.  Plus, games about debating and skating; fast-moving ninjas and very, very slow-moving monks.

Going Broke With Success: How An App With 200,000 Downloads Led To Developer Homelessness (The Penny Arcade Report)
“This may seem like one of the happy success stories on the iOS platform, but the reality of the situation is more grim than it may at first appear. Gasketball was released for free, with a one-time in-app purchase that unlocks the rest of the game offered for $2.99. The conversion rate to the paid version of the game sits at 0.67%.”

CastleMiner Z Crests 900,000 Sales, Becomes Fastest-Selling XBLIG (Joystiq)
“As of August 15, Xbox Live Indie Game CastleMiner Z, which is priced at 80 MS Points ($1), has exceeded sales of 900,000 – making it the most successful XBLIG to date, developer DigitalDNA Games claims.”

Dust: An Elysian Tail (TIGSource)
“Dean Dodrill’s beautiful brawler Dust: An Elysian Tail was released this week on Xbox Live Arcade. In development for four years, Dust was the winner of the 2009 Dream.Build.Play competition. Impressively, Dean (a professional animator) is responsible for almost all of the animation and programming for the game. The soundtrack was created by Hyperduck SoundWorks, who also did the OST for Iji.”

Cherno Plus: Hall On Day Z’s Standalone Future (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Earlier this week I sat down with Day Z creator Dean Hall to talk about the new standalone game. Read on for information on why the mod version of the game will now ‘open up’, how dogs work, how original Op Flash developers came back to work on the new title, how ‘underground construction’ might work, and for an explanation of why there won’t be a military simulator mod of Day Z. At least not yet.”

Sean@Gamescom: Indies Are Pregnant With Creative Solutions (Joystiq)
“‘That’s not what I thought you meant when you said this project was your “baby.”‘ This and dozens of other ‘pregnant game developer’ jokes crossed our mind as we stopped to watch someone play a video game strapped to some guy’s chest on the Gamescom business floor today.”

Super House Of Dead Ninjas (PixelProspector)
Super House Of Dead Ninjas is a fast paced action platformer in which you fight your way through an enemy filled tower. Clean the floors from enemies in a speedy manner and collect a massive amount of upgrades. It is a really awesome game that pays much attention to details and I hope it will also be released as a downloadable version soon (with fullscren mode). also reported about the game.”

A Game About Debating Is Way More Fun Than It Sounds (Kotaku)
A Game By Its Cover is one of the coolest independent game jams going around. It tasks entrants with picking an existing piece of fake video game art – often a cartridge from Meteor’s awesome Famicase exhibition- and making an actual game out of it.  This year’s edition kicked off in June and closed over the weekend. One of the entrants is Argument Champion, based on the Famicase cart below and pitched as a game in which you detect audience sentiment and use it as a means to beat your opponent in a formal debate.”

Live Free, Play Hard: The Week In Free Indie Games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Porpentine of returns with another round-up of cost-free treasures discovered on the internet over the last few days. Here’s last week’s, if you missed it. What have you got for us this time, Porpentine?”

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