Indie Links Round-Up: Soaring

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Today’s Indie Links include articles on EVO 2012 and indies ushering in a new era of survival horror games.

Dyad: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
“To say that Shawn McGrath’s Dyad is intense is an understatement. The game may technically count as a mind-altering drug, and believe me, that’s a good thing. In my video review, I break down not only the experience of playing Dyad but also where it’s roots lay and why it goes above and beyond them.”

Super T.I.M.E. Force, SpyParty, Aztez, Super Comboman Dev Talk at EVO 2012 (IndieGames)
“At EVO 2012, four indie developers of the inaugural Indie Showcase walk their audience through their games and field questions on breaking into the industry and creating their titles. Justin Woodward of Interabang Entertainment shows off sticker-collecting beat ‘em up Super Comboman. Ben Ruiz of Team Colorblind walks players through the brawler half of Aztez (there’s also a strategy component). Finally, Nathan Vella of CAPY shows off Super T.I.M.E. Force, the XBLA exclusive run-and-gun platformer: think Contra or Gunstar Heroes combined with Braid.”

Hotline Miami: Me Vs. Level 4 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Level 4 is not the hardest level of Dennaton’s neon-hued orgy of sado-masochistic violence, and RPS’ official Best In Show at Rezzed, Hotline Miami. Oh, not by a long shot. It’s just the one that, once I finally beat it, made me feel like a god. I had a plan. I made that plan work. Every single action I took, every single movement I made, was with surgical precision. A dozen men died, and their little dog too. I never knew their names. I never cared to know their names. I didn’t even know why they had to die. I just knew they had to die.”

Driving Discussion: Mario von Rickenbach on Krautscape (IndieGames)
“Michael Burgdorfer and Straight, No Chaser and IGF finalist Mirage developer Mario von Rickenbach are working on their first racing game with gorgeous landscapes that allow for flying or driving to get to a goal, somewhere in space, as quickly as possible. While the leader in a multiplayer race creates the path with the direction he or she veers, others can create shortcuts often by flying to take the lead.”

Crajsh (PixelProspector)
Crajsh is a fast paced multiplayer snake game for up to 4 players on 1 PC. It is a tribute to the DOS game Crash and was created by the developer of Wormhol.”

Endless Forms Most Beautiful (TIGSource)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a Locomalito remake of a fairly recent (February 2012) ZX Spectrum game by David Hughes. Spanning 15 levels, the goal of the game is to collect all the imps on each level while avoiding various monsters. Moving around takes a bit of getting used to as it defies convention – you can travel up and down on teleport pads but only if you’re standing on top of a pad. Also, by leaving the screen you’ll end up either on the row above (if you went left) or the row below (if you went right).”

A New Age Of Survival Horror Games, Thanks To Indie Developers (Gamasutra)
“Horror in video games is constantly evolving. Where we may have once associated increasingly action-based franchises like Resident Evil as being the pinnacle of what horror games can offer, the dish of the day is now fear and tension: the idea that something may be lurking just around the corner that you cannot easily fend off.”

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