Indie Links Round-Up: Trajectories


Inspiration, aggregation, recuperation, promulgation, rejuvenation… all topics of today’s Indie Links.

How Running A Marathon Inspired ‘Canabalt’s’ Creator (The Verge)
“Adam Saltsman has run a full marathon. That’s 42,195 meters. In Canabalt, the 2009 endless runner that brought Saltsman to independent game design prominence, such a distance is considered an impressive achievement that would eclipse all the current scores on the game’s leaderboard. The furthest Saltsman has run in his own game? 12,000 meters.”

Opening The Freeware JogoBox Steam-Clone (
JogoBox, though still in beta, is a polished and well-designed Windows PC app that lets you play all sorts of freeware games be they indie, flash, casual or even retro for, err, free. It’s quite a bit the Steam-clone like Tiggitonly better looking and less open source. Also, and as I just mentioned (you weren’t paying attention, were you?), it does actually play older DOS games via dosbox and flash games without any glitches whatsoever, and even though the way those games are categorized does border on odd, I must admit I’m loving the interface and, frankly, the selection of games already on the service.”

They Were Laid Off From Their Game Company. Now They Want To Change The Way We Play. (Kotaku)
“Jason Fader and his team were sitting in a bar, drinking. Commiserating. Earlier that day they’d all been laid off from their jobs at Obsidian Entertainment, where they helped work on games like Fallout: New Vegas and an unannounced project called North Carolina. When North Carolina was axed, Obsidian had no choice but to let the team go. It was grim. Job opportunities were limited. Some of the team—particularly artists and designers—were worried they’d have trouble finding gigs.  Five months later, they’ve all got gigs—and an ambitious plan that promises to give us a new way to play video games.”

Toki Tori 2′s Wii U ‘Tokidex’ Detailed (Joystiq)
Toki Tori 2 was officially announced for Wii U today, and will be available on the console and Steam “soon-ish.” Developer Two Tribes stated back in February that it planned to bring the chick-fil-adventure to the Wii U’s eShop, but set its intentions in stone today on the company’s site.”

Super Space Rubbish (PixelProspector)
Super Space Rubbish is a polished and challenging tribute to the classic Asteroids with a fine soundtrack and nice physics… Swirl around. Destroy enemies. Slice rocks. Harvest space junk. Upgrade ship…”

Pay Once For PC And iOS? Galcon Dev Experiments With Dynamite Jack (
“In a rather novel pay-once, cross-platform experiment, Galcon developer Phil Hassey has offered a limited deal to give iOS purchasers of Dynamite Jack free Humble Store codes for PC.”

Super  Amazing Wagon Adventure: The Interview! (Hookshot Inc.)
“I love Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Not only does it have a really good name (you can’t fail when you hook two adjectives together, you just can’t), but it’s also a wise and wonderful homage to eighties game design principles. And it’s on Xbox Live Indie Games without being a Minecraft clone!  I needed to know more about this silly and surreal pastiche, so I done interviewed its creator, Sparsevector. And here is what Mr Sparsevector said.”

Lost Humanity 7: Healing (
“I’ve never been so unsure of something I’ve written in my life. I’ve probably never written something so personal. But I felt that to properly convey how important I think Ed Key and David Kanaga’s Proteus is, I had to be honest about why it really speaks to me.”

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